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I could talk more about 2016 constantly at the doctor for this that and the other; I could go back into my head and rethink how devastated I still am about Leonard Cohen and Carrie Fisher (WTF? WTF? WTMFF? I'm not over it) or about “President T****” and how much debt I'm still in from Haku's surgeries and this really ill-advised trip to Disney (that I planned BEFORE last year's surgeries) and my own anxiety, and anxiety about leaving the dogs again when we go, or that that the town canceled my summer Hula class (that I was going to get paid nicely for :/ ) and how much I still miss Kung Fu and my friends and, and, and.

But, damn it, no. It's April and this is Dreamwidth and a fresh start, so!

I'm taking my soon-to-be four year old to Disneyworld next month, and how awesome is that? Hashtag blessed, that's how awesome.

It's going to be 70 degrees next week??

There's planets? TRAPPIST-7 exists and that is so rad!

I recently got the most excellent fanart from a fanfic I wrote ages ago.

My book is out on submission! If you had told me five years ago that I'd be the lady who lives by the sea, about to take her 4 year old to Disney, waiting to hear back from her agent about her book that's being pitched to Random Penguin right now? I mean I'd about have DIED, you know?

I've been cleaning the yard – this is good. I haven't done it since before Callum was born, because I just couldn't; there was no time, no way to get it done. But now he's almost 4, and I can take him outside and he'll mostly play with his toys while I cut down vines and rake leaves and shit. It's hard work, I mean – like really super hard, because I let all of this go for about 5 years and it's a jungle of bittersweet and wisteria. I don't mind the wisteria except it eats everything in its path. Bittersweet is an asshole, I straight up plain hate it. So this is a real shit show and it's not even a quarter of the way done. And I have to cover myself and Callum in IR3535 (tick repellent) because Lyme and Powassan and RMSF are super real, and all the crawling around in Tick Country freaks me TF out, and the bending and twisting to get the roots up are kind of hurting my back. But it's not as bad as I thought – and I actually feel better? Like, less pain in other places, idk. I haven't moved in so long.

I really wish I hadn't read this article about a lady dying from an abdominal aneurism while running a marathon, because I was thinking about starting to jog again. I have to do something. I miss Kung Fu. There's a school about 30 minutes away and I talk to the Sifu on Instagram every time he posts something. “Oh, I remember that form!” “Broadsword, my fave!” “I love that drill!” and he's always like “COME DOWN AND TRAIN, WE WANT YOU,” but the money doesn't exist in this universe or any parallel universe.

Someday, though. Really, someday.

It's weird how these days you have to second guess everyone like, “but how awful would it be if I went there and made friends and then found out they'd voted for T****?” This is a real issue. Isn't that terrible?

Well anyway, the weather is about 60 today, and 70s for the next 3 days! I have to work, but that's cool; I can get outside when I come home. Do more yardwork, take some time sitting on the deck with Callum and the dogs, blowing bubbles, listening to music, taking pics. Disney in a few weeks, and then summer and those glorious beach days after that.

And yeah I'm always afraid of what comes next – with two old dogs, negative money, various other dramas. But I used to deal with all of my shit way better, I think. When I look back at my old LJ, like before Gran and Dad passed? I totally dealt with my shit way better. So I'm going to try to get there again for sure.
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Every year I like to post about the first time I hear the tree frogs. It was tonight, although others have said they heard them earlier, being out in the evening. (I was coming home from teaching Hula tonight.)

Also, there was a thunderstorm. Only a few days till Spring!

There's more to tell, but this is a happy post and I don't like to spoil it.
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Callum's birthday was another gorgeous day, even if it started out dreary and pouring. It cleared up by around noon. I invited everyone over from 11-11:30. Jeremy and his Mom got there around 11:30, others around noon, and Meghan closer to 1. By then the sun was shining, and we went outside for lunch, cake and presents. Callum was just happy that Meghan was there, LOL. She's “Momo” to him and once she's in the door, nothing else matters.

He straight up loved all of his gifts. It was neat, this year, because he's old enough to understand things, and have things he likes and is really into. Today he went through all of his new toys and clothes, and was still interested in all of them. When I asked him who gave them to him, his answer was “Momo” for everything.

Callum and mason both had to have naps in the afternoon, but Spence, Natasha, and Meg stayed around, and Gavin also stayed to play Skyward Sword. After naps, everyone came back, and then Uncle Don and Jen came for dinner. Spence and Natasha made mashed potatoes – like, actually boiled and mashed and seasoned the whole thing. They are great. :)

And then, of course, Callum was so wired after everyone left, and still wanted to play. He wouldn't sleep until around 9:30.

Today is just gorgeous! About 80 degrees, I think! We had originally planned a walk to the beach with Chrissie and her two boys, but Gavin didn't feel up to going out. So I took Callum to the bay. He couldn't wait to get into the water. Literally couldn't wait; like, went in before I could take his socks off. (I expected it to be chilly at the beach, hence the socks, but nope.) He walked right in with his crocs and socks. Eventually I got them off and let him wade into the waves. He was picking up those jingle shells and throwing them on, so I started to sing Pearly Shells in Hawaiian, which is what I always do when we're at the beach.

As I'm singing, this couple walks by and the woman stops and goes, “Are you singing in Hawaiian?” I told her I was, and she said she had grown up in Hawaii, but had moved her when she got married. She said, “If you ever hear Hawaiian music in the neighborhood, it's from my house!” I laughed and told her we always had it playing, too, because I'm a Hula dancer. She asked if I was Hawaiian and I said, no, but my son is. She said, “He's a little Hapa boy!” Then we talked about Hawaiian bands and such, when they came to play in NY and all.

I mean how neat is it to meet someone who grew up in HI, out here on the beach on Long Island? That's pretty funny.

It actually just inspired me to go look up jingle shell art ideas on Etsy, because I have thousands of those suckers. Yeah, like I have time to do anything like that. ha. I also just found someone on Etsy who sells just straight up jingle shells. Err, okay, wow. Maybe I should do that, too. Huh.

Okay, so now I've sat here rambling and effing off on Etsy for long enough. Should get the laundry done while Callum is still taking a nap.
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So the day starts off at 7:15 with Haku having a seizure. Of course, the one time Callum sleeps till the alarm goes off, Haku has to be up at 7:15. I kinda knew he could have one, because I ended up putting stupid Advantix on him, which is a neurotoxin. I hate using it and I only do it for like, three months of the year, when ticks are bad. But I did find a deer tick on ME the other day. And I had tick repellent on, too. Let me tell you. Flipping OUT. That is so unfair. And a deer tick, too, not just a regular old stupid dog tick.

I know he has the seizures and then he's fine after a long walk around the yard and his medicine, but it still never gets any easier to watch when he has them. It's just not fun.

But, aside from that. I'm happy to say that it's been about 75 degrees this whole week during they day, even getting up to 80. I had a feeling we were going to skip Spring and go straight on into Summer, so I wish there had been a few 50s and 60s in there for a month or so, you know, like in April. But April was all 20s to 40s. :/

But a hot day makes me want to get out there and do things, so that's what we've been doing.

The washer and dryer finally up and quit after about, what 20 years? So I went to PC Richards to pick out a new set, but they have to install a 220, blah blah, washer came today, dryer tomorrow etc. Callum had a total freak-out in the store when we had to leave without buying “ten bacuum.” (There were seven. We left without any of them.) He's been a little off the last two days, like really cranky and tired. Yesterday he was better than the day before, and today pretty much his normal self. He's never had a meltdown in a store before so I was like “whaaaaaat?”

So anyway, I didn't exactly expect the washer today, but I was, fortunately, home in time for them to come set it up. The whole thing took about twenty minutes. I am legitimately bummed out that I neglected to say “farewell” to the old washer. I was just in a giant rush because, wait, back up--

So I was awake mad early, and took the dogs out. As I think I mentioned, I've been trying to trap that bird-killing, yard-pooping, asshole cat that comes in the yard. So far I've caught a possum, and one raccoon three times. Stupid bastard was in the trap again this morning. Bro. Get out of the trap. Why so dumb? Then he was trying to swat me with his little garbage-paws as I was fumbling with the thing to release the door and let him go. I'm really tired of catching this raccoon.

After that little adventure, I decided to go to Home Depot to get a tomato plant or two, because the seedlings that Callum planted (well, I did it, but he helped by patting the soil and watering them,) are still too small and I want to put something out there. Turns out it is “garden week” or some nonsense which is the worst thing in the world, I mean I should not have been there. But I mean they had a sale. I accidentally plants. Not many, I mean, 4 for $10, that's not bad, and I got four. Well, six. And two hanging ones, but one is for my cousin for Mother's Day and the other is for my Mom for Mother's Day even though it's totally in Callum's garden.

As we were leaving HD with all our garden stuff, it's hot as BALLS and windy and my hair was blowing all over, and I felt something touching my face. Figured it was my hair. Until I saw my own shadow, with this big old eight-legged scrawl next to it, and holy balls the biggest spider was hanging out of my hair. A wolf spider, I think. But I'm a friend to spiders, so I pulled it off by its web and set it down. I just thought that was a little freaky though, I mean oh man, this was one big sucker and it was crawling on my face for however long.

So anyway, we got home and I put sunblock and this new kind of tick repellent on Callum and me, and we went out to plant the garden. I let Callum water it, which was kind of a mistake, since he's a toddler and decides to just up and drop the hose like, “Yeah, done here.” So of course I get soaked and he gets soaked. But the four plants got planted (I did buy two little flowers, too – not sure where to plant them yet,) and then we went inside so I could hose him down in the sink, get the sunblock and bug repellent off of him. And that's when the PC Richards truck showed up, of course.

But like I said, it was quick and easy. I'll probably spend all day tomorrow after work catching up on laundry.

The rest of the next week leading up to Callum's birthday is all kinds of stressy, with a Dr. appointment - just an annual, but also I need a prescription for a mattress without chemicals in it, I mean I just want to buy one because I want one for Callum, but you need a prescription to order one, I wish I was kidding,) and blah blah. I just hate going to the doctor, is all. I guess everyone does.

Callum's birthday was so excellent last year, the weather, the company, his own happiness – I hope it can be just as nice this year. And of course there will be tons of pics.
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I've been trying to catch that stupid cat in the trap, so I can put down a garden without it turning into a giant litter box. But so far I've trapped a possum, and a terrified raccoon. Callum saw the raccoon in the trap the morning I found it, so he's been talking all about the “maccoom” since then. And of course the dogs are going out of their minds. (I did let the maccoom go. It scurried under the damn shed, where it's probably got a nice little home and a ton of babies who are also going to spend their lives trying to eat garbage. But I don't know what else to do with it.)

National Poetry Month is over and thank god for that. Almost all of my poems were forced and really sucky this year. I wasn't feeling it, and I'd almost always rather have been writing something else or even just doing something else. And to top it all off, I got a message from a curator at hitRECord, and would I be interested in writing something for a science-related radio show? HELL YES I WOULD. What's the deadline? MAY 1st. Oops! I really want to whip something up tonight before bed. I hope I can!

Right now there's a guy outside cleaning the leaves out of the yard. I went and hired someone because it's been YEARS, the place looks like trash, and I just don't have time. He's doing it for really cheap. So I keep going out there every half hour to bring him some food and water and ask if he wants a sandwich or something like that. It's not even going to be perfect; it's just getting rid of years worth of leaves. The rest of the junk (old Xmas trees, tons of weeds and brush,) is still going to be there. Two hours a day, I get. I use them to write. The yard doesn't even come in second. But it's still hard for me to ask for help – even if I'm paying.

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and then Callum's birthday. I generally don't do much for Mother's Day—really just get a little something for my Mom—but I really look forward to Callum's birthday. Err, all two of them so far. Last year's one was such a beautiful and fun day. I hope this one will be, too. I actually just bought him that stupid LeapPad thing. There are so many things I said I would never do as a Mom that I have to do now, like microwaving things. Honestly, sometimes you just run out of time and you're like, “Okay, I fail as a Mom today.” I don't necessarily think that getting a Leap Pad is a fail, though; it's not like he's going to use it all the time. He's got a little toy laptop, and even a few other LeapFrog products, like toy phones and tablets, and he only uses them once in a while. This one has WiFi, though, and I figured I'd get it for the airplane ride in August, at the very least. We still mostly run around the house, or outside, and play, and read. I'm happy to say that I'm not really exaggerating with that. We do a lot of things that don't involve watching TV or youtube. So I think a little WiFi toy will be okay; it's not going to eat all his time.

You know, the way Tumblr eats mine. ^_^ Although when I really do have to get something done, I get it done. Right now I've got a manuscript out to two people (well, a partial, and a full after a partial, which is REALLY EXCITING because hi, you liked those first 3 chapters enough to ask for more!) And I'm still revising the NaNo one like a bitch. Like a HUGE bitch, I mean I keep changing things all the time. Soon, I'm going to have to put it somewhere so that close, trusted people can look at it, and then put it into OWSFFH and let people really have a go. Do major, major revisions. And then start querying that one, too. That story doesn't even know what it is, yet. But I'm to the point where I'm dreaming about it, so I think that's good.

Yesterday was 70 degrees. Today it's back in the low 50s. Damn it, weather. TURN HOT.
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Haku had a seizure this morning at 2:30. *Sigh* it's not even a month since the last one. I was really hoping for a longer stretch than that.

Yesterday the weather was decent enough for the first walk of the season. That's me, Callum, my Mom, Chrissie, Gavin, Mason, and my two dogs. I was really pleased with how well the dogs did. Sano is on Rimadyl now and I think it's really helping him. When we got home, I heard this screeching noise that I recognized right away, and I shouldn't have even looked, but I know what it sounds like when a hawk grabs one of my grackles and it was just instinct. I call them “mine” even though I haven't raised and released a grackle in years, because they're probably all related to the ones I did release. Also because we feed them every day. Callum particularly likes going outside with a container of peanuts and yelling, “KEY-NUTS!” to the birds, and then watching them through the door as they come get their key-nuts.

But anyway, this one little hawk has been living in the trees next to my house for years. I'm like 93% sure it's a Cooper's hawk. And like, I get it, circle of life, hawk's gotta eat too, probably got some babies on the way just like all the other birds. But UGH I hate it when they take one of mine, and mostly I hate when I see it happen.

Aside from that. I went to Lowe's today and got a 4X4 pre-made garden bed, and some organic soil. Now I just have to seed some veggies and plant them. Well actually, no, two more things. I need to get the hose fixed so I can water the garden. The plumber guy lives down the street and he's really nice. He's offered a barter: He'll do some plumbing work around the house in exchange for the old Caddy. You know: Shinigami? My beloved car that is sitting in the driveway, rusting and rotting. Like, I want it to have life again, but I can't afford to fix it and yet I can't seem to let it go, either. But two years ago I made a short video about the Caddy, and how I felt attached to it and had a hard time dealing with it emotionally. That video made it onto JGL's “Don Jon” DVD as an extra. And for some reason that made me feel better about it, just putting it out there. So I think maybe I'm ready to let the Caddy go, but only if I know that guy who gets it (the plumber's son,) is going to fix it up. If he's going to junk it, then I can't make that barter.

The other thing I need to do is get a trap for the stupid cat in the yard. First of all, I should have done that last year, because it takes dumps all over the place and Sano is always trying to eat it. Which is totally dangerous for dogs. It's also the same cat who killed all of my birds that one year. He was actually trapped back then, but the bastard got away. I legitimately so HATE this cat, but I also don't want it to die. So I need to trap it, so that it won't crap all over my garden. And then it can live in a shelter or something, IDK, eat real cat food instead of killing birds.

And then I'll be good to go.

Oh, but I have to stock on on IR2535 first, because I'm not going to be out there planting things and getting ticks on me.

Primarily, though, it has to actually warm up and act like Spring out there.
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TREE FROGS. I heard the tree frogs tonight, and you know what that means. Spring! Actual spring, like with warm weather on the way. Tree frogs know what's up. If they're out there peeping their peeps, then it's about to get a smidge, a tad, possibly a mite warmer up this bitch.

Today was exciting: In the 90 minutes that my Callum napped, I entered #PitchSlam on Twitter (maybe win some more critiques?) and sent off the query/synopsis/10 pages to agent Connor Goldsmith, for the critique I won from him, too.


Then I did my poem-every-day entry on HitRECord. Gah, why did I take on National Poetry Month again? I knew it was going to be a crunch. And it is; it’s so crunchy right now.

Today’s poem sucked a monkey testicle because I only had about twenty minutes to bang it out. That's the thing about the 30 day poetry challenge, because I did it last year, too. Most of them are pretty awful. But, out of thirty, I get 4 or 5 good ones that I really like. So I guess it's worth it.

Yesterday I took the dogs to the vet for their yearly checkup. What a big production this is now that I have a toddler. Just getting everyone from the car to the office is a circus act. But both dogs were good, and Callum was good, too. He was actually really nervous, so he sat on my lap the whole time, watching the dogs getting their exams and looking really worried about it. “'Amo? 'Aku?” I tried showing him that the dogs were being so good, they weren't crying or anything (because Callum FREAKS OUT as soon as he sees the nurse or doctor, because he knows that shots are coming. :/ )

But anyway, Haku's heart murmur was about the same – no worse, which is really good news, and the doc said that his heart rate was nice and slow, a sign of good health. Sano is a bit deaf (which I knew,) but his eyes and cognitive function are awesome for a dog his age. The only real problem is his worsening arthritis, and mostly in that front leg where the dog bit him about twelve years ago (and Dr. Dickwhistle / ex boss said not to x ray it, so we didn't know until years later that it had actually been broken. I swear, that man has such bad karma coming his way.)

Well, I wanted to put Sano on some mild anti inflammatory so that he can get up the stairs with more ease, and start going on walks again, but we had to do the bloodwork to make sure his liver could handle it. And, then the general, yearly bloodwork, to check Haku's one kidney, and Sano's platelets.

Today the vet called and things are looking good for both (*KNOCK ON WOOD*) Haku's kidney values are actually improved from last year. His liver value is high because of the phenobarb/other seizure meds, but significantly lower than it should be. Vet said that whatever I'm doing is working, and to keep doing it. (For those wondering: the secret is milk thistle every day. Both dogs get it in a high dose. Also, vit. C, CoQ10, coconut oil pills, and MSM/Glucosamine.)

What a load off. I stress about it every year. But that really made my day.

I have work tomorrow, an early day. A 90 minute treatment and then staying on for a bit to train the new Saturday receptionist. Then home to write my 4th poem, and who knows, maybe even get a quick look at the new novel I'm writing. (Wrote. Still writing. IDK. It's a dripping mess but I fell in love with my cast, so that's a good sign.)

One thing I keep meaning to add because I don't want to forget it. Callum is obsessed with the mail truck; he has to watch it go by every day, and he has to yell and scream about how exciting it is. Today, we were even outside with the dogs when he saw it go by, so he was yelling at the top of his lungs. The only thing is, he calls the mail truck the “whale-cock” and I just think that's brilliant. I'm not even going to correct him.
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Haku had a seizure this morning at 6, boo. It seems to follow the pattern of having two within two weeks, and then going a few months without, so here's hoping for that next few months.

First day of Spring. Snow. Boo.

Since we got that voucher to fly last time we came back from Disney (since we got bumped,) and we already have passports and Callum can still go for free, we're heading back in August. This time just me, Mom, Callum and Meg. (Trying to see if Spencer and Natasha can come, but it doesn't look like it.) And I'm trying to hit up every deal, price cut and freebee I can find. But the truth is that this, like almost every other thing I do, is going on a credit card. (And the tips that I put away, if I have anything left over at the end of the week. I'm talking about like, 5 bucks a week.)

But I'm the one doing the planning this time and I've never done that before. It's *hard.* You actually need a vacation when you're doing planning because it's so ridiculous. When I was a kid, you'd buy plane tickets, get a hotel room, and then just pants it when you got there. Eat wherever and whenever, go on whatever rides you felt like. Now, you have to book dining reservations six months out. You have to, or you won't eat (or will end up eating fries from food stands every day.) I'm already a month late and I can't get restaurants anywhere to take us. >_< Not only that, but you now have to book which rides you want to ride, down to the hour. I mean, you could wait on 2 hour lines, but that's not happening when you have a toddler. So for things like meeting characters (and I know Callum's going to want to see Elsa,) and going on rides, you have to actually book those. Six months in advance. And obviously, those things you want to do have to match up with whatever park you're eating at that day, so that you don't have to “park-hop.”

I actually hate the way they do it now.

But I mean, I spent my childhood and some of my adulthood there, kind of growing up, learning, meeting people, and all of that kind of thing. I want to give Callum that chance, too. If he gets older and decides he hates it or wants to go somewhere else, that's what we'll do.

So anyway, today, instead of re-writing that one chapter I wanted to do (and note to self: Add the Walking People around various parts of the story so that they don't come out of nowhere and aren't as suspect when you first see them, also make a sort of community in the tunnels since there are no park rangers left etc.) I have to spend my two hours on the Disney website, fighting to get tables for three adults and a baby.

It's that either/or that gets you, with kids. I can do this important thing, or that other important thing.

Well, off to do the thing!
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So I did mention, in that last post, that our clinic is under new management and I've been doing some desk work. Nothing major, just answering the phones, booking appointments, taking payments, that kind of thing. Basically the stuff I was doing before, only officially now and for more time. It's pretty straight forward stuff. I get to sit at the desk and wait for the phone to ring. I'm allowed to bring my laptop, so that I'm not just sitting there while the phone *doesn't* ring. And that's nice. I could load my first draft into google docs and do a lot of editing and stuff there, but then I'd have to copy and paste it all back into my Scrivener at home, and what if I make a bunch of small edits in different chapters? That just seems like a lot of work.

I guess I can call it a second draft now, in a way. I cut a chapter or two and did some minor line edits. I added a chapter here and there. But this second draft is more like a first draft than the first. It's clunky and crazy, with random notes to myself like “PUT SOME TENSION HERE FFS” and “DON'T FORGET THERE ARE MILLIONS OF DEAD PEOPLE, SO...” You know, it's just so frustrating because it took so much work to get that first novel of mine as sparkly as it is now, so much work and so much TIME. This new one seems a million miles away from that and I just want to kick it. At least when I wrote the first draft of the first one I was like, “This is genius!” But writing this one is constantly like, “OMG this sucks, you know how bad this is, there are notes everywhere and you just changed the main character's name for the fifth time, THIS IS TOO HARD, I CAN'T FIX IT.”

But I still go back to it every day, so.

Umm. What else did I used to write about in here? I forgot how much practice it took to write in LJ all the time.

The weather. It wants to be warm out. I can feel it really trying to be warm. Like, when you drive to work in the AM and you have the heat on, but then coming home, if the sun peeks out, you have to shut it off, and maybe even turn on the air a little, but only a little. And tons of rain, which beats the hell out of snow, thanks.

I want to have a garden this year. I've only done minor gardening before, like just flowers and the easy plants, berries and such. But this year I want to do a real, organic veggie garden. I don't know where to start. I mean, aside from Home Depot. Gardening seems pretty simple, but I know actual gardeners, and there are all these tricks about what to plant where, this goes next to that, this needs acidic soil, this needs more water than the other thing, and how do I keep the dogs from whizzing on it, etc. Also, how to keep ticks tf away from me because that's a huge issue for me.

I also want to build a little walkway to the pool. And, you know, actually open the pool.

I don't see how I'm going to do all of this, or ANY of this, in the two hours that Callum takes his naps. Although, with gardening, he could come outside with me. (But then there's that tick thing again. Unless you live on Long Island, or, IDK, maybe Connecticut, you can't possibly know just how bad the deer tick population is around here and how many people get Lyme and RMSF and those are two really awful things that you seriously do not want to have.)

Now I'm pissed off about ticks.

Someone tell me what to make for dinner tonight.
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tumblr counter

I should have written this 2 weeks ago when it happened, but here it is now:


It's crazy. I changed the name to something that was similar to the title I dreamed about a few years ago. Actually no, it wasn't even a title I dreamed of; it was a lottery ticket with a word on it. And last month, I came across a scientific theory that sounded similar to that word, and weirdly fit perfectly with my book. I thought, Well, wow! I really like that! And maybe changing the title will get me a few nibbles. So I did, and sent out a query letter, and FIVE MINUTES LATER she wrote back saying she would love to read the whole thing.

I've got to wait, what, typically 6 months for a reply on a full. But I'm really stoked. She didn't ask for an exclusive, so I can query some others in good conscience, too.

Also in good news, my close relative got some good news regarding some medical results today and I couldn't be happier.

Yes, it snowed yesterday and it is miserably cold and not at all spring-like. But that bit of good news, and having a request for a full, is really making me feel all the happies.

Last week I went out with Gold Dragon to see Winter Soldier. It was so dang good and we had a great time together as always. Gold Dragon wanted to hang out after the movie, but I'm one of those Moms now who can't ask anyone to watch my baby past 11. So I took a rain check and we're going to go out to a nice dinner some Sunday instead.

And tomorrow, my best friend Glassworker is going to come over for a hang out.
Work is fine (though my bosslady had a sad occurrence / health upheaval – she's fine now, though,) clients are generally nice (except the ones who book two slots and then cancel them both, leaving me with NO clients on that day, wtf, who does that?!) and I got a raise! Woop! I actually got it sometime previously, but my boss didn't tell me, and I didn't notice it because my paycheck varies so much week to week.

I really miss Kung Fu these days. I especially miss my beautiful training family. Empress went to another school way out west (and she works and goes to college full time now.) Snarklit moved to Brooklyn. Chrysanthemum still trains once in a while when she's around. Gold Dragon works full time, doing graveyard shifts at the hospital and then catching up on sleep. I just miss them. I miss the shape I was in, too. I'm still thin but I have no muscle and no strength. Boo.

BUT. Manuscript. Family member's health scare over. New coat of paint in the living room. Hopefully some nice weather soon. TAX RETURN. For the first time since becoming LMT, I'm getting a return!

I'm also doing the April poem-a-day thing on HitRECord. Most of them suck, but once in a while I've gotten something good, and it's forced me to think, and to write, every day.

And CJ has finally got one tooth that you can actually see now. Every few days he'll say a word or two, then he'll stop saying it. “Fish” (“dick,) “book” (“guk”) “egg” (“ehh”) and the other day he said “Haku” clear as day. He's got some good sign language, too. (Eat, milk, cousin, hello and bye-bye.)

His first birthday party is coming up fast. Though, that is slightly depressing because after that, Jo-chan goes to work and we don't see her until next Fall. Summers are nice, but a little lonely because we get so few people coming by.

Maybe I'll try to get Mom, Boychild's Momma and Boychild to come with us on our Monday Summer walks again. That was really nice last year.

But here I am already thinking of summer, when it's 40 degrees today.

Come on Spring, get it the eff together!


Apr. 3rd, 2014 09:57 pm
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Finally! A little late this year, I think?
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So I keep sitting down to write this epic story of something that happened to me in high school, but then other things keep happening (like I have to do laundry, or CJ wakes up, or I'm querying again, or write something for HitRECord instead, or whatever.)

In the meantime, here's a quickie-quick update:

CJ's finally teething, at nearly 10.5 months. Took him long enough! But that first tooth is poking through on the bottom. It seems to really hurt, too. He keeps hooking his fingers into his gums and pulling. And crying randomly, pulling his ear, rubbing his jaw. Aww. Teeth are so mean.

He has stopped saying “fish” to the fish, but says “egg” to the little egg-shaped lip balms I keep around. Still barks at the dogs, moos like a cow, and greets people with an enthusiastic, “Heyyyyy!” and a wave when they come in. He signs for “milk,” “eat,” and “cousin” when he wants to know where Jo-chan is. He can walk around holding onto things, and he dances when music comes on. Like, really gets down and funky with it.

Last week we were supposed to get hit with one last, HUGE Nor'easter storm. But instead of the predicted 6-8 inches, we got NOTHING. Except freezing weather and huge winds. But no snow. THANK YOU. It's still cold, but the smell of Spring is in the air, and it's a little balmy.

“A balmy Spring wind
reminding me of something
I cannot recall”

I think that's by Richard Wright. I remember reading it in college. Cece-Ann and I used to quote it all the time. Until eventually—because we were gross and scatological--”Spring wind” came to mean “when the dogs let one rip.”

I feel like I've been waiting forever for this Spring. Last year I was so damn pregnant. Then I felt sort of housebound after CJ was born (well, I was, I mean, I was too stupid to figure out how to take him and the dogs out to the park or whatever. And of course, they tell you not to take the baby out in public for the first 12 weeks or something like that.) And he was so colicky. Last summer is a blur to me. I never opened the pool, or cleaned up the yard, or anything.

Well, this year it's still going to be nigh impossible to get the pool opened or the yard cleaned without help. I'm just going to have to ask for help, that's all. The yard is a mess after this stupid winter. Tree limbs, hell, entire TREES down in the yard. (The neighbor's tree fell onto my shed.) Debris everywhere, too.

What I really want to do is get Havoc outside into a flight cage. As of now, I wake up at around 5 AM to put him into a carrier so I can cover him, otherwise he'll start screaming as soon as the sun comes up. Then no one gets any sleep. He'll obviously scream at sunrise outside, too, but at least he'll be farther away and maybe I won't hear him as much.

Maybe we'll go to the park today, if it doesn't rain. It's windy and cold, but not “I can't move my eyeballs” kind of cold.

Tomorrow I have to open the clinic early for a rich client who wants a 90 minute massage. Ugh, I hate opening early. But it must be done.

GOD DAMN IT, the crow just screamed and woke the baby.

He has to go outside. >_
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Today is such a gorgeous day. LIke Bob Marley said, “Sun is shining, weather is sweet.” I took the dogs to the beach for a long walk, and I’ve been outside setting up bird feeders and putting my tropicals out for the season, scrubbing bird baths, re-arranging things, etc. just to be outdoors. Everything is so green and lush, and it smells like the ocean and apple blossoms.

The latest Hyperbole and a Half  gives people a really intense look into what depression feels like. Reading it has made me so grateful that I’m able to enjoy days like today, and more understanding of people who can’t.

So, here's how the rest of my week went. I finished up my last (so far) day of work. I don't plan to take too much time off, because I honestly can't even afford to, so I only hope the clinic will still be there when I get back.

Then I had a doctor appointment, which are once a week now; kind of a pain. I had a different doctor, some dude, whom friends assured me was very chill. He was nice, really; looked at the birth plan I'd written up and agreed with everything on it, etc.

But here's what happened: he was running an hour late. The nurse who weighed me was pissy and in a huge rush. She didn't wait for the scale to stop tipping and she wrote down that I had lost two pounds. (Maybe I'd lost one, or just hadn't gained. Which is totally normal.) But then the doctor saw it, and he thought I measured too small, didn't look right or whatever. So he made me go back for another ultrasound 4 days later. I pretty much had a feeling nothing was wrong and they were just being stupid about it and trying to get some more money, but of course, you worry about things like this anyway.

But, I went back Tuesday and had yet another different doctor who was like, "Umm, why are you here?" Even the u/s lady was all "Everything is perfectly normal, what is the meaning of this?"

So now I'm super annoyed and I hope I don't get this doctor for delivery, because he seems to be an alarmist.

They also keep pestering me to get internal exams every week. (Sorry, TMI.) I keep declining. I think you only need maybe one, before the due date. They were really insistent and totally confused about why I was turning it down. The nurse was literally like "You're really not doing it? I mean... your pants are staying on?" YES, FFS. They were so insistent about getting all up in my puanani that I began seriously to suspect their motives. >_> Back away from the vagina, people.

(A few years ago, Jo-chan and I were trying to come up with some way to invent one of those spring-loaded boxing gloves that you could stick between your legs during an OBGYN exam. It would have a trigger or something that you could pull when the doctor went down there for a look. IDK, I still think that's hilarious.)

But enough about my crotch.

I was supposed to have new windows by now, but contractors across-the-board suck. I'm sorry to any contractors who don't. I don't believe in you; you're like Santa Claus. Not that I can actually afford new windows, but the ones in my bedroom (which is going to be the baby's room) are cracked. Like seriously cracked, completely broken, ice on the inside of the windowsill, black mold building up, can't-get-room-above-50-in-the-winter kind of broken. My Mom actually put it on her credit card, tbh, paying like 50 bucks a month. Anyway, originally they were going to put a rush on it and get it done in the beginning of May, but, contractors, you know. "Beginning of May" means "end of June, maybe."

Oh, here's another thing. I have Havoc outside today. It's not his first time outdoors (I've dragged his entire cage outside a few times, to get him some sun, even though this totally panics him,) but it is his first time in the aviary. I figured, I'm not using it for a while, let's see if he can stand it out there. And honestly, he's been screaming so completely non-stop lately, I have no idea what's causing it but it's driving me insane. Today when I took the dogs to the beach he screamed so loud and so long that I could hear him from my car, down the block. O_O

So, I put him outside and set him up with a bath, perches, food, peanuts, and a toy. He was hysterical for about five minutes until he discovered his water bowl. Then he had a drink, got on a perch, and chilled out. He's nice and quiet now and I am a much calmer person without him screeching the way he has been. I think I'll put him out during the day, and bring him in at night. (He could stay out at night since I fixed the aviary all secure, but IDK, I'd probably be too nervous.)

Oh, and I had Sano's bloodtest done again this month. Once again, everything is normal. (*knock on wood!*) This is the first time in years he's had platelets in the spring. Haku is still having seizures on his new meds, so it's not a totally perfect situation, but Sano not being on pred is totally new. The only thing I did differently this year was give him coconut oil with his dinner, because I read some anecdotal stuff from people with ITP saying that it had worked for them. Very odd. I even started cutting down on his SUPER EXPENSIVE Chinese Medicine pills. Maybe I can get to the point of filling them every 40 days instead of every 20, saving over $100 a month. Let's hope.

As for the rest of today, maybe I'll do a little writing, maybe some recording for HitRECord, maybe some laundry. I've already had the dogs to the beach this morning for a nice long walk, and done lots of outdoorsy work and now my hips are aching again. Well anyway, won't be long now!

Sun is shining, weather is sweet. :)

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In unlocked news, I'm now 8 whole months pregnant:

 photo 8mos_zpsec4396f4.jpg

WTF, how did that happen?

The weather the las 3 days has been so nice and warm – FINALLY! It got up to about 70 for 3 days in a row. Tomorrow it's going back down to the 50s. Boo, hiss. My baby shower is in a week and a half and about 50 people are coming. ( O_O How do I even know that many people?!) I want it to be warm enough for people to go outside. And a few Hula sisters will be there too, and some of my former dance students. I'd love to do a little dancing.

If I can move, that is. Pugsley has taken up residence with his noggin on top of my obturator nerve, AND my hips are falling apart at the seams (which is normal for this time.) So if I do too much shifting or turning, I get this huge, throbbing pain in either or both thighs, and sometimes my leg just goes dead.

Anyway, the weather has been nice enough that Mom, Jo-chan and I took the dogs to the beach yesterday. As is typical of springtime (and even winter sometimes,) some B-hole had their dog running around on the beach without a leash. Said dog came charging up to my dogs. I freak out when this happens, because of the neighbor's dog that attacked my dogs a few years ago, and because Haku's legs are so fragile, the last thing he needs is a bite, or to get knocked over. So, I always start yelling at the dog and going nuts and trying to shoo it.

So this time I was freaking out, yelling at the dog, and at the owner, "THEY'RE NOT FRIENDLY! GET IT AWAY!" but she couldn't make it there in time. Sano hates when I get upset, so he stepped in front of me, and grabbed the other dog by the throat. He didn't sink his fangs in or even break the skin, he didn't shake the other dog like he was trying to hurt it. He just held it by the neck until the owner got there. Haku, meanwhile, total douche, started running around the other dog and biting at his back, plucking fur out of him. But I can't even get mad at my dogs for doing that. They're the ones who are leashed. They're the ones who can't run from confrontation, and who feel threatened and know that Mommy is upset and mad and doesn't want the other dog around.

The owner was all "Oh sorry, sorry, oh jeez, sorry about that." No, dick. Put your dog on a leash and you won't have to feel sorry when my dogs bite it. You're lucky Sano was showing some restraint, honestly. The last dog that actually attacked him (in his own yard, no less,) ended up in the vets getting its ears sewn back on.

So that was that, and I'm sure it's going to happen again and again this summer. Especially if I'm walking with a baby. I can tell right now that Sano isn't going to be cool with people or dogs going up to it.

What else? I got my HitRECord check in the mail! And another nice thank you letter from Joe. This check was important to me, because part of it was for when they played my Dad's song at the Halloween show. Getting money from my Dad's music is just the best. And I really want to spend it on something artistic / creative for the baby, to make that kind of connection. I made a video about that. Everyone in the forum is being so awesome. Even Jared signed on to say some nice things. ^_^

I have another check coming to me from there, too, this one for the Little Red Riding Hood book. Hurray for all of that.

Well, tonight is Wednesday, so in a little while it's off to Mom's, to watch Criminal Minds with Jo-chan when she gets home from college. And then tomorrow, more cleaning, sorting, moving things from here to there, throwing things away, putting new things in new drawers, etc.

Crazy times, y'all.
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So this is bizarre and I hate when this happens. I went to the store today with the dogs, to pick up their food. (What should have been a 7 minute drive each way turned into 40 minutes each way b/c of poorly planned roadwork, ugh.) Anyway, there was a woman behind the counter, and I KNOW that I know her, right? Totally familiar. I just can't think of where, because she's all out of context. Meanwhile, she's like "Hey Jules, how are you? Still doing massages?" Etc. She helped me carry the dogfood out and was like, "Oh, Sano and Haku, you guys must remember me, because you're not barking!"

So I can only imagine she's someone from any of the many vets that my dogs go to? Maybe? But I can't place her and I cannot think of her name! It's kind of right on the tip of my brain who she is, too. BLEH, so awkward.

Poor face recognition is a part of the learning disability dyscalculia, but honestly, how do you even start to explain that to someone?

Anyway, after that, we went to the park for our usual 20 minute walk by the pond. It was warm enough today to go without a coat. But both dogs—especially Haku though—were really lagging. Haku was really tired and I started to think his legs were hurting. It's weird, because this is the same walk we've done all winter and he's always been the one pulling me along, trying to get me to go faster. The last two times, when it was warm, he was just dragging behind. I think he might have done that last Spring, too?

Well, today I have a ton of stuff to do, like mad amounts of laundry, clean the fish tank, change the lightbulb in there, and maybe move some baby things from one room to another. Hopefully I'll have some time to get some writing done, too, and if so, I won't spend it looking at pictures of Tom Hardy.
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So even though I just found out that my job probably won't be there when I get back from maternity leave (more on this later,) here is some GOOD news: It's spring, and Sano has all his platelets! (*Knock on wood!*) The only thing I changed was adding coconut oil to his diet, on the anecdotal "evidence" that it's helped human ITP patients keep their platelets up. His entire CBC was normal.

I also had Haku's Zonisamide levels checked, because the drug seemed to not be working too well, and we (Wizard Vet and I,) wanted to see if there was room to raise the dose. But actually, the dose is already pretty high, so there's no wiggle room. He's 3.5 weeks from the last seizure – but it's Spring, and the full moon, and Spring always triggers seizures with him. The next step is switching to Keppra. But, I'm going to see how it goes for a while, first.

Anyway, yeah, my job. Bosslady's sister (her babysitter,) is moving to California, and her husband works 70 hrs a week. There's no way she can continue working, so she can't keep the business open. She's been trying to sell for over a year now, but hasn't found any buyers. Originally, whoever bought the place was going to "buy" all the therapists, too. But now all the therapists are bailing (except me.) So unless she gets a buyer, who wants to "buy" me as well, I won't have a job when I get back from leave.

I did ask my boss if she planned to open something smaller. She does, in the autumn. I hadn't planned on waiting that long to go back to work (I seriously can't afford that,) but I asked her if she would consider taking me with her when she went, if I couldn't find something before then. She said she would.

So basically, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to get work when she reopens elsewhere, but not for a while. There are a few other clinics around, and I know places are typically looking to hire therapists, but with a newborn, it's going to be difficult to find work. Especially a job that's going to fit my exact schedule of when I have child-care (and dog-care!) and when I don't.

I'm wondering if I could collect unemployment in the meantime, since my job would basically be going out from under me? But then, I'm sub contracted, so I have no idea if it works like that.

This past weekend I was at a seminar for pre-natal and post-natal massage. It was pretty awesome, because they didn't have enough volunteers, so for the first day, I got to volunteer for the entire session. First massage I've had in about a year and a half, seriously. What's more, I actually learned more about pregnancy and childbirth in those two days than I did from all of my various OBGYNs. Very enlightening.

Well, it's Springtime, and the snow has (mostly) thawed. Today I took the dogs to the park and I ditched my coat in the car. It wasn't exactly warm, but it was non-cold, and you could acknowledge that the sun radiated heat occasionally.

Tomorrow, I have a lunch date with Lady Chrysanthemum, SnarkLit, and the Empress (who sprained her ankle at a tournament – ouch! Poor Empress!) I haven't seen them in AGES and I am dying to have some time with them. I miss training, so fiercely. At least I get to see them. (All of which involves either boarding Haku for a few hours, or giving him a little bit extra phenobarb; haven't decided yet.)

The next month is shaping up to be pretty crazy, with a baby shower, fixing up the new room, washing and sorting clothes, OMG, all kinds of things that I can't even think about right now.

But it's Spring! Winter is over!

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So a couple have things have gone on, some good, some bad, some still up in the air.

I'll start with the bad first, because it's what's on my mind. HitRECord, you know, is a nice little community - okay, it's really not so little, but you do get to know some folks. One of my pals there is a gal named Inky. She lives in Hawai'i and for a while we were working on some poetry translations on the site. Then she went away for a long trip, but had to cut her trip short because her boyfriend Niko (Honeyboy on HR) was very ill. Cancer at only 30, unable to get chemo due to a heart condition.

Inky and Honeyboy went traveling around the islands of Hawai'i together for a few short months. During their trip, they were taking photos, writing, tweeting, and exchanging packages of goodies and trinkets with other HitRECorders. Every Friday was Aloha Friday, where we would all send songs to each other on Twitter. Niko sent lots of my favorite music; I'd have fun identifying the singers and bands.

Just last week I went out and bought all sorts of Long Island goodies to send to them: local chocolates, trinkets, and some local honey for Honeyboy. I didn't have a box to send it in; figured I'd get to the store last Friday and bring it to the post office.

But Thursday night, Inky posted to let us all know that Niko had passed on Wednesday evening. She sent his last photo from his phone to his Twitter: a picture of the sunset out his window, titled "Goodbye Sun."

So everyone is heartbroken, and I have this package of stuff sitting here, addressed to both of them, and I don't know if I should still send it.

I came home from work today to find two packages had arrived. One was the HitRECord book that two of my writings made it into.

The other package is from Inky and Niko. It has a card from them. "Sending you lots of aloha and hugs and kisses, XOXO Honeyboy," and "Lots of love to you! XO Inky" They must have put it in the mail that Wednesday. And I just don't know what to do with myself over this. I think I should send the package anyway.

That was the most important, and of course the worst, thing that went on this week. Me, I can feel sad and cry and go about my business, but I know that his family and friends don't have that luxury today. My week still has some happiness in it. I get that.

Some of my happiness this week is, as I mentioned, getting that book in my hands. It's gorgeous, so much better than I thought it would be. The whole intro by Joe is about patriarchy and sexism, and why he changed the ending to the story. The second "intro" is by his Mom, which details the War On Women and why books like this are necessary. She talks for a while about the terrifying bills that are being put on the table (and some passed, barring women from testifying,) and then says,


My two pieces are in here, surrounded by beautiful art. Here's the funny thing: the first one is on page 39 and the second one is on page 45. I have a thing about numbers adding up to 3 and 9 so I'm like "OMFG IT'S A SIGN."

I also finished up the revisions requested by that one rad agent. I "finished" them, I should say, and then I stressed and stressed, and hemmed and hawed and fussed and revised again, and then once again. And then, yesterday, I sent them out. Now, I'm convinced that I only made it worse. I could only have screwed it up more. I just don't know what to do sometimes, who to listen to!

But also, a few agents held a "Twitter Pitch" contest, which is what it sounds like. You reduce your novel to 135 characters (leaving room for the tag,) and pitch to them via Twitter. Well, the one agent who showed a little interest in mine has a thing against stories with a time travel element. BUT, she also said it sounded cool anyway, and I could go ahead and query her to give her more info. I know it's not the kind of thing she represents, but something must have sounded kind of good for her to say that! So I figured, why not? And queried her, too. Can't hurt. :)

I am running out of agents to query, though. I'm getting a few nibbles and a few "You're good, but I'm not in love with this." What if no one falls "in love" with it? Then, I guess, I shelf it, start up with some of my other books and such. Get one of those to sell. Then maybe someone will be like "Do you have any trunk manuscripts?" Haha, yeah. But I don't want this to be from the trunk. It's my favorite.

So that's more or less what's been going on, aside from the stuff I'm going to put in the locked post. Today is the first really hot hot day, and my first day in shorts (once I came home from work, that is.) About two weeks ago I fixed the aviary door. I just need to put another latch on the bottom, just to be on the safe side (didn't need one for ten years, but I'm not going to make that mistake again,) and then hose it out, set it up, and put my twelve bastard starlings into it. Will probably do that tomorrow. Then maybe I'll get my winter clothes put away. I did that much earlier last year, I think; maybe two weeks earlier. But it's been super chilly this month.

Oh, in the meantime, hey. You can order this gorgeous FEMINIST retelling of a fairy tale, with poetry, stories, thoughts, essays and really beautiful art. Scroll down to the $20 one. ^_^

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Today was glorious (if still COLD,) and I got to have lunch in town with The Empress, Lady Chrysanthemum, and Snarklit. We were to celebrating Empress's graduation, and we went to the same little place that Chrysanthemum and I went to over the winter. I had to leave the dogs of course, which was nerve-wracking, but my cousin stopped by here to check on them while I was out.

The restaurant is cute, but the parking situation is abysmal and I practically had to park in Nassau and walk the rest of the way. Here's a little moment that I liked: As I walked toward the restaurant, a dude was walking toward me, maybe a few years younger than me or thereabouts. I smiled at him because I felt like it and he tipped a pretend hat and said, "Good afternoon, Miss. How are you?" I told him "Fine, thanks; have a great day." The whole thing with the fake hat tip was so cute, and I was really pleased.

Anyway. I told Empress I'd stand outside and flag her down. While I was standing there, looking at my messages, some guy drove past and yelled "HEYYYYY!" I mean really? What is that supposed to accomplish? I looked up to give him a stink eye, just in time to see him rear-end the person in front of him. LOL dumbass.
Empress drive by about a minute later, and I said I'd show her a parking spot. So she was driving down the road and I was running down the opposite side of the road to show her to a place. A woman behind her kept standing on the horn (I mean, she could have gone around really easily,) and I looked over to see what was going on and the woman yelled at me, "MIND YOUR BUSINESS."

Thanks, Riverhead.

By the time we all got parked, they had given away our reserved table outside. WTF.

But we went inside and ordered, and talked about chili peppers that can kill you, duriens, monk-hood, travel, and eventually of course, Kung Fu. Chrysanthemum gave us each these little, knitted Kung Fu keychains that she'd picked up in Bangkok. Awesome.

We ate our lunches and yammered on for an hour or so before going down to the river to walk around and take some photos.

Lunch and Peconic River )

After a while we walked back to freaking Nassau pretty much to get to our cars. I was home by around 3.

I took the dogs outside and I had the weirdest feeling of like, some strange kind of peace, mixed in with a touch of melancholy, I can't even describe it. I took a pic of these flowers in my yard:


The only time I can remember this specific feeling was August 6th 2006 after a Hula show that I did once. And the day was kind of terrible really; I was unhappy with the show, the people who hired me, how I was treated and everything. Yet that day when I came home, I remember exactly feeling that totally serene and strangely also melancholy feeling.

But it's a good feeling, that's the weirdest part.

And it was immediately followed by a sense of panic: "It's so nice today. Something bad is bound to happen." Which is ridiculous and I promised myself I wasn't going to let anxiety backtalk me like that anymore. Let's see if I can keep that promise.

Work tomorrow, then Mother's Day festivities probably with cousins and Mom and possibly aunt, and then on Monday after work I think I'm going with CeceAnn to see Avengers. CeceAnn hasn't been to the movies since The Birdcage, not even kidding. 1996. That's like a tragedy. Tuesday, work and Kung Fu and then etc.

Good times, though.

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I've been doing lots of yardwork this year on my days off. This is the first year since Dad that I've actually made an effort to make things nice again out there. I kind of had a block against it for a while – I guess because Dad would always lend me the gardening tools, help me set things up, stuff like that. But this year, maybe it's a combination of having a little pool again, and of things having looked like total hell for the last few years (and the broken aviary, stuff like that,) that's making me want to tidy up and Have Nice Things again.

Here are some springtime photos: )

As you can see, both dogs are up and running again (*knock on wood!*)

Last night at Kung Fu, we did some staff drills. The *clack clack clack* sound of the staffs hitting against each other is pleasing. I know it's a martial art, but it sounds friendly. I was partnering with Snarklit.


Empress came hobbling on by (she sprained her ankle) and the three of us started talking about maybe doing a group outing or something, going for lunch and kayaking when Lady Chrysanthemum gets back.

Apart from that, there is some stuff going on in other aspects of life which I will eventually need to address in some locked posts.

Meanwhile, here are some phrases that people searched when they found this LJ:

tricks to a great fa'arapu - Keep your feet super close together. Bend your knees. When walking, go up on your toes. PRACTICE. :)

she looked at him again and smiled as she undid the buttons of his shirt. he felt her doughy fingers on him - Hmm, that is a part of my ms that I posted for a meme that a literary agent sent around. That was fun, but who is googling my phrase? O_O

who is the father of kaumakaiwa kanakaole - Kaipo Frias? I think?

silmaryn for dogs - It's good stuff, but expensive if you get it from the vet. I'm not sure where else to get it, BUT, if the liver problem is not acute, then straight up milk thistle can help. :)

i'm stuck in my bra - O_O I'm sorry to hear that. This happened to me once, when I had to wear a halter heart monitor.

hypochondria als ms fears - I went through this recently. If you want to talk, send me a message. :)

how long does milk thistle take to work - That depends on what the issue is, the severity, your age, size, and the dose. But often you can get results in a few weeks.

sifu sihing sije - Your training instructor (translates to "uncle," actually,) your elder training brother, and your elder training sister.

ewan mcgregor pillow penis - I'd sleep on it!

hesher std - I thought so, too!

"illusionary crime against sephiroth" - I always liked how Cloud was the only one who acknowledged that Sephiroth was actually a victim, as well as a villain.

why does my cornea peel - Maybe your eyes are dry?

Anyway, I hope at least a few of you found what you were looking for. That's nice when that happens, isn't it?


Apr. 24th, 2012 10:25 pm
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Actually, I heard them last night. Must have been the rain that got them all excited.

I just always like to write about when I hear treefrogs in the spring. It's important to keep track of these things.

ETA: Holy crap, I said the same thing last year.


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