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They are remaking FFVII! I mean, you know, I've actually made posts like this before (“ARE THEY? THEY ARE HINTING...!”) but it's always been like, another stupid sequel or side-game or dumb commercial or thing with Gagkt/Genesis in it. But this time it is for real and I HAVE LOST ALL MY CHILL.

WITNESS MY ANCIENT LOVE FOR THIS GAME. (And witness me totally whitewashing Sephiroth and even the Turks to a point, LOL. I'm kinda over it? Maybe?)

By the time the game comes out, shoot, my son will be old enough to understand that Mommy is excited over a game. He might even be in school. O_O (Leaving me with some time during the day to play it. :D ) It's so weird, the way that turns out.

Umm. I can't think of anything aside from FFVII today.

Haku had a seizure this morning, though. So that is uncool.
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So the day starts off at 7:15 with Haku having a seizure. Of course, the one time Callum sleeps till the alarm goes off, Haku has to be up at 7:15. I kinda knew he could have one, because I ended up putting stupid Advantix on him, which is a neurotoxin. I hate using it and I only do it for like, three months of the year, when ticks are bad. But I did find a deer tick on ME the other day. And I had tick repellent on, too. Let me tell you. Flipping OUT. That is so unfair. And a deer tick, too, not just a regular old stupid dog tick.

I know he has the seizures and then he's fine after a long walk around the yard and his medicine, but it still never gets any easier to watch when he has them. It's just not fun.

But, aside from that. I'm happy to say that it's been about 75 degrees this whole week during they day, even getting up to 80. I had a feeling we were going to skip Spring and go straight on into Summer, so I wish there had been a few 50s and 60s in there for a month or so, you know, like in April. But April was all 20s to 40s. :/

But a hot day makes me want to get out there and do things, so that's what we've been doing.

The washer and dryer finally up and quit after about, what 20 years? So I went to PC Richards to pick out a new set, but they have to install a 220, blah blah, washer came today, dryer tomorrow etc. Callum had a total freak-out in the store when we had to leave without buying “ten bacuum.” (There were seven. We left without any of them.) He's been a little off the last two days, like really cranky and tired. Yesterday he was better than the day before, and today pretty much his normal self. He's never had a meltdown in a store before so I was like “whaaaaaat?”

So anyway, I didn't exactly expect the washer today, but I was, fortunately, home in time for them to come set it up. The whole thing took about twenty minutes. I am legitimately bummed out that I neglected to say “farewell” to the old washer. I was just in a giant rush because, wait, back up--

So I was awake mad early, and took the dogs out. As I think I mentioned, I've been trying to trap that bird-killing, yard-pooping, asshole cat that comes in the yard. So far I've caught a possum, and one raccoon three times. Stupid bastard was in the trap again this morning. Bro. Get out of the trap. Why so dumb? Then he was trying to swat me with his little garbage-paws as I was fumbling with the thing to release the door and let him go. I'm really tired of catching this raccoon.

After that little adventure, I decided to go to Home Depot to get a tomato plant or two, because the seedlings that Callum planted (well, I did it, but he helped by patting the soil and watering them,) are still too small and I want to put something out there. Turns out it is “garden week” or some nonsense which is the worst thing in the world, I mean I should not have been there. But I mean they had a sale. I accidentally plants. Not many, I mean, 4 for $10, that's not bad, and I got four. Well, six. And two hanging ones, but one is for my cousin for Mother's Day and the other is for my Mom for Mother's Day even though it's totally in Callum's garden.

As we were leaving HD with all our garden stuff, it's hot as BALLS and windy and my hair was blowing all over, and I felt something touching my face. Figured it was my hair. Until I saw my own shadow, with this big old eight-legged scrawl next to it, and holy balls the biggest spider was hanging out of my hair. A wolf spider, I think. But I'm a friend to spiders, so I pulled it off by its web and set it down. I just thought that was a little freaky though, I mean oh man, this was one big sucker and it was crawling on my face for however long.

So anyway, we got home and I put sunblock and this new kind of tick repellent on Callum and me, and we went out to plant the garden. I let Callum water it, which was kind of a mistake, since he's a toddler and decides to just up and drop the hose like, “Yeah, done here.” So of course I get soaked and he gets soaked. But the four plants got planted (I did buy two little flowers, too – not sure where to plant them yet,) and then we went inside so I could hose him down in the sink, get the sunblock and bug repellent off of him. And that's when the PC Richards truck showed up, of course.

But like I said, it was quick and easy. I'll probably spend all day tomorrow after work catching up on laundry.

The rest of the next week leading up to Callum's birthday is all kinds of stressy, with a Dr. appointment - just an annual, but also I need a prescription for a mattress without chemicals in it, I mean I just want to buy one because I want one for Callum, but you need a prescription to order one, I wish I was kidding,) and blah blah. I just hate going to the doctor, is all. I guess everyone does.

Callum's birthday was so excellent last year, the weather, the company, his own happiness – I hope it can be just as nice this year. And of course there will be tons of pics.
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Haku had a seizure at 4:10 this morning which totally sucks. And I really want to make this a big, long LJ entry full of updates, but I got a request for the full manuscript last night and I am going nuts because I decided last minute to change this one subplot, so I'm acting like a crazy person combing through every mention of it. It's minor enough that it can be done in a few hours, but I only have those two hours a day, and like 20 minutes of those are already done, so.

But this is a really cool agent. A different agent at this place was talking about fandom, and how she thinks agents should be open to people who were fanfic writers, and to email her if any of us fangirls wanted to chat. So we talked for a while and she asked for my query, even though she doesn't rep what I write. But she still liked the query, so she referred me to her associate, who then asked for a partial. When you query with a referral you'll almost always get a partial request, but then last night she asked for the full which is kinda huge?

So I'm flipping out and I have to go figure my nonsense out right now!
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Haku had a seizure this morning at 2:30. *Sigh* it's not even a month since the last one. I was really hoping for a longer stretch than that.

Yesterday the weather was decent enough for the first walk of the season. That's me, Callum, my Mom, Chrissie, Gavin, Mason, and my two dogs. I was really pleased with how well the dogs did. Sano is on Rimadyl now and I think it's really helping him. When we got home, I heard this screeching noise that I recognized right away, and I shouldn't have even looked, but I know what it sounds like when a hawk grabs one of my grackles and it was just instinct. I call them “mine” even though I haven't raised and released a grackle in years, because they're probably all related to the ones I did release. Also because we feed them every day. Callum particularly likes going outside with a container of peanuts and yelling, “KEY-NUTS!” to the birds, and then watching them through the door as they come get their key-nuts.

But anyway, this one little hawk has been living in the trees next to my house for years. I'm like 93% sure it's a Cooper's hawk. And like, I get it, circle of life, hawk's gotta eat too, probably got some babies on the way just like all the other birds. But UGH I hate it when they take one of mine, and mostly I hate when I see it happen.

Aside from that. I went to Lowe's today and got a 4X4 pre-made garden bed, and some organic soil. Now I just have to seed some veggies and plant them. Well actually, no, two more things. I need to get the hose fixed so I can water the garden. The plumber guy lives down the street and he's really nice. He's offered a barter: He'll do some plumbing work around the house in exchange for the old Caddy. You know: Shinigami? My beloved car that is sitting in the driveway, rusting and rotting. Like, I want it to have life again, but I can't afford to fix it and yet I can't seem to let it go, either. But two years ago I made a short video about the Caddy, and how I felt attached to it and had a hard time dealing with it emotionally. That video made it onto JGL's “Don Jon” DVD as an extra. And for some reason that made me feel better about it, just putting it out there. So I think maybe I'm ready to let the Caddy go, but only if I know that guy who gets it (the plumber's son,) is going to fix it up. If he's going to junk it, then I can't make that barter.

The other thing I need to do is get a trap for the stupid cat in the yard. First of all, I should have done that last year, because it takes dumps all over the place and Sano is always trying to eat it. Which is totally dangerous for dogs. It's also the same cat who killed all of my birds that one year. He was actually trapped back then, but the bastard got away. I legitimately so HATE this cat, but I also don't want it to die. So I need to trap it, so that it won't crap all over my garden. And then it can live in a shelter or something, IDK, eat real cat food instead of killing birds.

And then I'll be good to go.

Oh, but I have to stock on on IR2535 first, because I'm not going to be out there planting things and getting ticks on me.

Primarily, though, it has to actually warm up and act like Spring out there.
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Haku had a seizure this morning at 6, boo. It seems to follow the pattern of having two within two weeks, and then going a few months without, so here's hoping for that next few months.

First day of Spring. Snow. Boo.

Since we got that voucher to fly last time we came back from Disney (since we got bumped,) and we already have passports and Callum can still go for free, we're heading back in August. This time just me, Mom, Callum and Meg. (Trying to see if Spencer and Natasha can come, but it doesn't look like it.) And I'm trying to hit up every deal, price cut and freebee I can find. But the truth is that this, like almost every other thing I do, is going on a credit card. (And the tips that I put away, if I have anything left over at the end of the week. I'm talking about like, 5 bucks a week.)

But I'm the one doing the planning this time and I've never done that before. It's *hard.* You actually need a vacation when you're doing planning because it's so ridiculous. When I was a kid, you'd buy plane tickets, get a hotel room, and then just pants it when you got there. Eat wherever and whenever, go on whatever rides you felt like. Now, you have to book dining reservations six months out. You have to, or you won't eat (or will end up eating fries from food stands every day.) I'm already a month late and I can't get restaurants anywhere to take us. >_< Not only that, but you now have to book which rides you want to ride, down to the hour. I mean, you could wait on 2 hour lines, but that's not happening when you have a toddler. So for things like meeting characters (and I know Callum's going to want to see Elsa,) and going on rides, you have to actually book those. Six months in advance. And obviously, those things you want to do have to match up with whatever park you're eating at that day, so that you don't have to “park-hop.”

I actually hate the way they do it now.

But I mean, I spent my childhood and some of my adulthood there, kind of growing up, learning, meeting people, and all of that kind of thing. I want to give Callum that chance, too. If he gets older and decides he hates it or wants to go somewhere else, that's what we'll do.

So anyway, today, instead of re-writing that one chapter I wanted to do (and note to self: Add the Walking People around various parts of the story so that they don't come out of nowhere and aren't as suspect when you first see them, also make a sort of community in the tunnels since there are no park rangers left etc.) I have to spend my two hours on the Disney website, fighting to get tables for three adults and a baby.

It's that either/or that gets you, with kids. I can do this important thing, or that other important thing.

Well, off to do the thing!
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I hate that the only reason I use this LJ any more is to record Haku's seizures. >_< I need to be here more. I say that every time but then I don't.

Typical seizure, except his last one was Dec 28th, so it's been a while (yay?) and he was really, really confused afterwards.
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See, I'm awake at this hour because Haku just had a seizure. :/ It's not too long since his last one, either. Just a few weeks. But they seem to follow this pattern - so maybe we can get a few months before the next one, I hope?
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It's about two months since Haku's last seizure. This one came around 6:45 this morning. >_< Let's hope for another few months between!
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Haku had a seizure this morning at around 2:45. I forgot to write down that he had one on Sept 22nd at 3:45. Darn it! That's only two weeks between.
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Haku was having a seizure when I came home from the beach with Callum. It was actually just ending. Something actually told me to leave the beach when I did, but then there was roadwork and we had like a five-minute detour.

Anyway, his last one was on July 27th, so that's about six weeks? Which isn't so bad. I'd really love to have another 3 month streak, but he's got to be boarded in October when we go away, and I know that's going to stress him out.

It's stressing me out, too.


Jul. 27th, 2014 06:13 am
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Haku had a seizure around 5:40 this morning. Ugh that's less than two weeks since the last one. I really want to get another one of those long, seizure-free runs like last year.
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Haku just finished having a seizure when I came home from work. My Mom was trying to get Callum to take a nap in her room so she didn't even hear it, but it's obvious he had one. Also, huge thunderstorms in the area today. I have no idea what this seizure was like or even how long it lasted.
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Some dude hit my car while I was driving to work today. It's just a fender bender--I was in the left lane, he was trying to get into the left lane and bashed into me--but it's such a pain. Going through insurance and then getting the car fixed which takes FOREVER even though it's just dented. I can't not have a car for a week. :/

Then I came home and Mom told me Haku had a seizure. Bleh. >_
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Damn it, two in one day. I knew 5 months seizure free was too good. >_


Feb. 9th, 2014 02:27 pm
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Haku had a seizure just after 1 today, after we came home from the store and I was feeding Callum some lunch. >_< I'm so disappointed because his last seizure was September 14 I think. That's nearly FIVE MONTHS, which, the longest he'd ever gone without before that was 8 weeks, and that was when he was first diagnosed and got on meds. At least, I think it's been 5 months. This seizure was about 90 seconds and he seemed much less post-ictal than he used to. Who knows but that he's had a few seizures while I've been out shopping or something, and then just started acting normal by the time I got home. I doubt it, but it's not out of the realm of possibility.

Today, I'm working on getting Callum to nap in his crib instead of on my lap. He's never done it before. He used to nap in his boppy pillow on the sofa beside me, but at around 4 months he wouldn't go to sleep unless he was napping ON me. I never really minded it because, really, who looks back and wishes that they'd held their baby less? But he's so tall now, and he's also starting to fight naps. It's hard for me to sit there and type, or really do anything, with him fussing and trying not to sleep. So he's whining in his crib now (Haku is trying to take a nap, too,) and I'm gonna give him about five minutes. If he can't stop crying, I'll go and pick him up. I suck at letting him cry it out. :/ I'm just no good at it.

Also, I was on TV last week! The new HitRECord TV show, on Pivot. It was an episode about space, and I had some thoughts about sub-atomic space that made the cut. :) It was really cool, and I get paid for it.

There's a thing going on right now that has me so super worried I can hardly concentrate on anything else, but I also don't want to talk about it in public. Or really at all, but I suppose I should say something in a locked post just so that when I look back next year and everything is fine (*knock on wood*) I'll be like, “What the hell was I so worried about? Oh yeah, that. Good thing it turned out to be nothing!”

Anxiety sucks.

Well, the nap experiment didn't work. He just cried way too hard until he gagged himself. Maybe next time. >_
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6:20 PM. A week and a day since the last. Seems like they are getting closer again. Yet the only med left to try is filtered through the kidneys, and he's only got the one. >_
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Seizure, only a week and a half since the last one. :/
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Three weeks from the last seizure. I was picking up dog food and my Mo was with Haku (and the baby.) She said it was about two minutes.
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Haku just had a like 2 minute seizure. I thought he was done and tried to put the valium into his mouth, but then he had another spasm and bit the hell out of my finger. Not his fault. :(
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Seven weeks and one day since the Haku's last seizure, which is pretty good. I don't know how long it lasted because I was sitting outside in the swing chair trying to get Callum to go to sleep. I wouldn't have known he was even having one if Sano hadn't started alarm-barking to get me to come inside. It's amazing; usually when Haku has a seizure, Sano just moves out of the way. This time he started barking for me, and then he was trying to help Haku get up while I was strapping Callum into the carrier (so I could take Haku out for his post-ictal walk.)

This is the first of Haku's seizures that I've missed (AFAIK - he could have had mini-ones at times when I wasn't home or wasn't looking in the past.) Thank goodness for Sano. I don't know what I'd do without him.


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