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This winter won't die. We got another six inches of snow last night. Why won't it go tf away? I just don't understand! It's snowed every single week since January. I'm so tired of it; it's actually making me feel really blue. I need to feel some Spring ffs.

I have a little post-concert blues, too, maybe? Which is so damn dumb, because every time I buy tickets to a show (and I only ever go to see this one band, like, what, once a year? Or less?) I'm so stoked, but then once the month of the concert arrives I'm like, “I hate this! Why did I buy tickets? Now I have to leave the house and I hate leaving the house. Ugh, I'm going to get home so late and complain complain complain...!” But once I'm there I'm all “This is so rad, I can't wait till they come back again.” (Although, Adam Lazzara, Get Your Shit Together 2015.)

What else. I have, like, one chapter I want to add to this novel I'm writing and I just keep looking at that blank page. Because I know I'm probably going to cut it out or at least cut it down by half. I'll probably end up cutting a few more chapters, even, and adding different ones. It's so insane that I write tens of thousands of words knowing that about half of them are in vain. Isn't that awful? To be writing something and going, “this is so ridic, I know this is bad even as I'm writing it, and yet I still need to put this down on paper.” (Well, not paper, but still.)

I think I already know what I'm going to do for NaNo next year, too, actually. I have two ideas, one that I've been mulling on for a while, and I think it's a pretty good idea, though I haven't connected with it yet, or really thought the characters through. So I know what it's going to be about, but I don't have any plot in mind. And the other would be a story about this set of characters I've always piddled around with, but never really done anything with. I don't have a plot to put them in, or even an idea. I just know who they are. So, next November, I'll pick one of those and see where it goes.

Work continues apace, I guess. Ish. On and off. Last week was good, this week was slow. It's nice to have that little desk job, knowing I'll at least have cash in hand every week.

So what should I do with my two hours a day in April? Should I do poem-a-day, or nah? Or should I just type away on this manuscript and try to see what's up? I have to pick one. I loved doing P-A-D last year, but I wasn't writing a novel then. I might not fit it in this year.

April, April – how can April be next week when it's still this blasted cold and there's all this godforsaken snow on the ground?
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So I did mention, in that last post, that our clinic is under new management and I've been doing some desk work. Nothing major, just answering the phones, booking appointments, taking payments, that kind of thing. Basically the stuff I was doing before, only officially now and for more time. It's pretty straight forward stuff. I get to sit at the desk and wait for the phone to ring. I'm allowed to bring my laptop, so that I'm not just sitting there while the phone *doesn't* ring. And that's nice. I could load my first draft into google docs and do a lot of editing and stuff there, but then I'd have to copy and paste it all back into my Scrivener at home, and what if I make a bunch of small edits in different chapters? That just seems like a lot of work.

I guess I can call it a second draft now, in a way. I cut a chapter or two and did some minor line edits. I added a chapter here and there. But this second draft is more like a first draft than the first. It's clunky and crazy, with random notes to myself like “PUT SOME TENSION HERE FFS” and “DON'T FORGET THERE ARE MILLIONS OF DEAD PEOPLE, SO...” You know, it's just so frustrating because it took so much work to get that first novel of mine as sparkly as it is now, so much work and so much TIME. This new one seems a million miles away from that and I just want to kick it. At least when I wrote the first draft of the first one I was like, “This is genius!” But writing this one is constantly like, “OMG this sucks, you know how bad this is, there are notes everywhere and you just changed the main character's name for the fifth time, THIS IS TOO HARD, I CAN'T FIX IT.”

But I still go back to it every day, so.

Umm. What else did I used to write about in here? I forgot how much practice it took to write in LJ all the time.

The weather. It wants to be warm out. I can feel it really trying to be warm. Like, when you drive to work in the AM and you have the heat on, but then coming home, if the sun peeks out, you have to shut it off, and maybe even turn on the air a little, but only a little. And tons of rain, which beats the hell out of snow, thanks.

I want to have a garden this year. I've only done minor gardening before, like just flowers and the easy plants, berries and such. But this year I want to do a real, organic veggie garden. I don't know where to start. I mean, aside from Home Depot. Gardening seems pretty simple, but I know actual gardeners, and there are all these tricks about what to plant where, this goes next to that, this needs acidic soil, this needs more water than the other thing, and how do I keep the dogs from whizzing on it, etc. Also, how to keep ticks tf away from me because that's a huge issue for me.

I also want to build a little walkway to the pool. And, you know, actually open the pool.

I don't see how I'm going to do all of this, or ANY of this, in the two hours that Callum takes his naps. Although, with gardening, he could come outside with me. (But then there's that tick thing again. Unless you live on Long Island, or, IDK, maybe Connecticut, you can't possibly know just how bad the deer tick population is around here and how many people get Lyme and RMSF and those are two really awful things that you seriously do not want to have.)

Now I'm pissed off about ticks.

Someone tell me what to make for dinner tonight.
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Last year on the 7th, I peed on a stick and got a + sign. That day, I went for a walk alone on the beach and thought, "This time next year, I'll probably be bringing a little baby on my walks with me." I had a sense that it would be a boy, too. I kept thinking "He."

Today I took Callum to see the biggest thing on the planet: The ocean. I dressed him in his little Aloha shirt and off we went.
 photo 1aloha_zps8400aecc.jpg

It's best after Labor Day, when all the tourists are gone and it's free to park.

 photo IMG_2084_zpsd1329c6e.jpg

 photo IMG_2090_zps347eab1b.jpg

 photo IMG_2089_zpsbdc37ec9.jpg

A nice lady took a pic of us, and we chatted for a while about how nice it was without the crowds. She told me her daughter was having a baby and she was so excited. ^_^

I walked on for a bit, and it was important to me to put some ocean water on Callum's feet and his face. I wasn't about to unstrap him and dip him in. The water was dang cold and it was too sunny. He can't wear sunblock yet so I didn't like to take him out of the shade. But I just wanted to put it on him, so I cupped some ocean in my hand and dipped his feet in that. We live on an island, you just have to feel the ocean as soon as possible!

It's strange because he'll never remember it, and he didn't even really understand it. It was just like, a loud, big blue wobbly thing that he was seeing, right? With no sense of how vast or how important it was.

There were some surfers out there, because the waves were pretty good. On our way out, I met this guy who said, "I love your umbrella!" and I said, "I love your surfboard!" I asked him how long he'd been surfing and he said about 42 years. He said he gave lessons and offered to let me have a go. I told him I'd been surfing a few times and had really liked it; that my son might want to surf someday, and if so, I'd want him to learn how. He told me where he works and gave me his email address.
 photo IMG_2102_zps80dacbb4.jpg

Happy surfing, dude!

It's Sunday. Jo-chan comes back tomorrow, which is nice. I work early tomorrow and Tuesday, but it's not so bad. My clients have been really awesome to me. Yesterday I had my absolute favorite client, Betty, who is 90 years old. She bought some bibs and burp cloths and gave me a really sweet card.

Anyway, tomorrow after work maybe Jo-chan, Mom, Boychild's Mommy and I will do something together. And Boychild when he gets home from school. Then at night once Callum is asleep, Jo-chan, Mom and I will have a bit of ice cream and watch Merlin.

Autumn is around the corner! ^_^

ETA: I've been taking CJ to do one thing on every off day, before his long nap, just to get us both out of the house. Even if it's a walk to the bay, traipse through the woods, or grocery shopping. Note to self: If there's nothing else lined up, take him to those little local farm places and start collecting gifties for that one long-distance friend. You know the one.
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So even though I just found out that my job probably won't be there when I get back from maternity leave (more on this later,) here is some GOOD news: It's spring, and Sano has all his platelets! (*Knock on wood!*) The only thing I changed was adding coconut oil to his diet, on the anecdotal "evidence" that it's helped human ITP patients keep their platelets up. His entire CBC was normal.

I also had Haku's Zonisamide levels checked, because the drug seemed to not be working too well, and we (Wizard Vet and I,) wanted to see if there was room to raise the dose. But actually, the dose is already pretty high, so there's no wiggle room. He's 3.5 weeks from the last seizure – but it's Spring, and the full moon, and Spring always triggers seizures with him. The next step is switching to Keppra. But, I'm going to see how it goes for a while, first.

Anyway, yeah, my job. Bosslady's sister (her babysitter,) is moving to California, and her husband works 70 hrs a week. There's no way she can continue working, so she can't keep the business open. She's been trying to sell for over a year now, but hasn't found any buyers. Originally, whoever bought the place was going to "buy" all the therapists, too. But now all the therapists are bailing (except me.) So unless she gets a buyer, who wants to "buy" me as well, I won't have a job when I get back from leave.

I did ask my boss if she planned to open something smaller. She does, in the autumn. I hadn't planned on waiting that long to go back to work (I seriously can't afford that,) but I asked her if she would consider taking me with her when she went, if I couldn't find something before then. She said she would.

So basically, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to get work when she reopens elsewhere, but not for a while. There are a few other clinics around, and I know places are typically looking to hire therapists, but with a newborn, it's going to be difficult to find work. Especially a job that's going to fit my exact schedule of when I have child-care (and dog-care!) and when I don't.

I'm wondering if I could collect unemployment in the meantime, since my job would basically be going out from under me? But then, I'm sub contracted, so I have no idea if it works like that.

This past weekend I was at a seminar for pre-natal and post-natal massage. It was pretty awesome, because they didn't have enough volunteers, so for the first day, I got to volunteer for the entire session. First massage I've had in about a year and a half, seriously. What's more, I actually learned more about pregnancy and childbirth in those two days than I did from all of my various OBGYNs. Very enlightening.

Well, it's Springtime, and the snow has (mostly) thawed. Today I took the dogs to the park and I ditched my coat in the car. It wasn't exactly warm, but it was non-cold, and you could acknowledge that the sun radiated heat occasionally.

Tomorrow, I have a lunch date with Lady Chrysanthemum, SnarkLit, and the Empress (who sprained her ankle at a tournament – ouch! Poor Empress!) I haven't seen them in AGES and I am dying to have some time with them. I miss training, so fiercely. At least I get to see them. (All of which involves either boarding Haku for a few hours, or giving him a little bit extra phenobarb; haven't decided yet.)

The next month is shaping up to be pretty crazy, with a baby shower, fixing up the new room, washing and sorting clothes, OMG, all kinds of things that I can't even think about right now.

But it's Spring! Winter is over!

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Had my checkup today. It's six months! Wow! I got to see a midwife instead of the doctor.

I put on another 3 pounds, which gets me to 6 pounds above my normal, pre-pregnancy weight. But she wasn't worried, she didn't think I was underweight or anything. We discussed childbirth preferences and things like eclampsia, which she said was more of a risk at my age. Then she took my blood pressure, laughed, and said "You're not at risk." (BP 90/60.) We talked about having the least amount of intervention, and we discussed a doctor there that I don't want to see, or want delivering my baby when the time comes. (I know it's a matter of whoever is on call, and you get what you get, but girls around town call this guy "The Butcher" and I don't want him near me.)

I have a client (massage,) a young boy of 14 who has severe cerebral palsy - can't walk, communicate, bend at the waist, or swallow food. In researching how best to treat him, I saw that CP usually begins with trauma during childbirth. This made me totally panic, and we discussed that, too. (In other words, I don't want people to go yanking him out of me for godsakes.)

My BG test is in 2 weeks. They sent me home with the red drink and instructions. And a ton of paperwork to fill out for the hospital. I was like "Aren't we jumping the gun a little? It's still 3 and a half months away!" And they said, "Trust me, it's better to get this done now." 

Then I went and bought some spackle and paint for the new room. ^_^

Of course, I had to fight the rain storm and leftovers from the blizzard to get there, but all in all, it was pretty good!

Now, it's time to actually get started on that room. I can't paint it myself or tear up the rug, but everything after that, I can do. So I need to build some shelves (which I can't wait to do; I love power tools,) and move this, that and the other thing around.

I really want to still have time to write this dumbass story I'm working on, and write and record a bunch more things for HitRECord.

In the middle of this month, the clinic is closing for two weeks because my boss is going away on vacation. I still have a few clients that I'll go in to see, and I can book a few for myself as well if I have to, but for the most part, it's going to be extremely slow, starting at the middle of this month. So I won't be making a lot of money, but I will have some time to do this and that.

I really have to stop saying "this and that," because it's a really bad verbal habit.

Also, I have to see what to do about Haku's meds, and it's almost time for Sano's platelet check, too. It's nearly the time of year when his platelets crash. :/ Then he has to go back on pred. God, I hate that. I hate that they're both on so damn much medicine all the time and I'm constantly getting their liver and kidney values checked, and stressing when they come back a little higher every year.

Oh, I started watching that Merlin show, too. It's kind of cute. The boy who plays Merlin was in Doctor Who – one of the creepiest episodes ever, in fact, "Midnight."

More in a locked post.
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Today I heard back from an agent I'd queried in November, who requested the first 3 chapters exclusively in December. She wanted them for 3 weeks and when I didn't hear anything, I kind of forgot about it. I was just going to start querying again tomorrow.

But then, after work today, I GOT AN EMAIL FROM HER REQUESTING TO SEE THE WHOLE NOVEL. She wants an exclusive look for 8 weeks. Exclusives are kind of a bummer because you can't query anyone else during that time. But I also think it's worth it. If an agent is interested enough to ask for that, it's a pretty good sign.

This one is really special to me because it wasn't just a synopsis or first ten pages. It was the first THREE, which is 39 pages. Which means, to me, that she thinks the writing is really good. That I'm really good. And if she rejects after this, it's not because the writing sucks, it's just because it's not her kind of thing after all.

This is some really sweet validation. :D

And speaking of sweet validation, my Mom made employee of the year at her job, out of like, 130 employees. They had a party and announced it in front of everyone. It was really cool.

Work is about the same for me. Last week we were really busy, with all the post-holiday gift certificates coming in. But this week, tapering off again. Also, I had to miss yesterday because I had a monthly check-up. It's quick – you pee in a cup, get on the scale, then blood pressure and fetal heartbeat, end of story. But I met a midwife and stayed to talk with her for a while to ask questions. We discussed the fact that I want as little intervention as possible, unless it's an emergency. (Seriously, if I had my way, I'd go and crouch in the forest and bite on a stick till it was over.) She asked me if I was single or if I had a birth partner. When I told her I was single, she was so happy for me. She grabbed my hand and said, "That is so wonderful. Good for you. And I'll tell you something else. Even if you're not single, you're still on your own. There's only so much a partner can do, and in the end, they usually don't do much anyway."

Then I asked her about the flu shot. I haven't had that pushed on me at this place and I've been thankful for that. She said she personally hated vaccinations and flu shots, but that this year she would recommend it. But then I'm thinking, she works for a bunch of doctors. It's CYA; she has to say that.

I asked my boss (acupuncturist and TCM,) and my chiropractor (another doctor) and they were both against it.

I already know what the medical community says about it, because you can't swing a dead cat without someone yelling at you that you OMG HAVE TO GET IT OR UR STUPID AND HORRIBLE, but I wanted both sides of it. Not getting it seems the most rational choice for me, but we'll see.

Well, anyway, I should get back to fretting over the rest of this novel. You'd think this whole situation would instill me with confidence, right? Yet every time this happens, I go nuts trying to "correct" things I suddenly think aren't working. Even if I was totally happy with it last week.

And that's what's up this week so far! Woooot!


Sep. 3rd, 2012 04:03 pm
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Kind of a fun two weeks, more or less. A little craziness/unpredictability at work, but apart from that, eggs in the soup.

I finished up my Hula classes. They weren't a rousing success, but the few people did attend liked them enough to ask for another session. So we are planning on doing some more in the Fall.

The Wednesday after that, I went kayaking with Lady Chrysanthemum. I've never been kayaking before, and I wasn't sure if I would be any good at it. My chiropractor has a kayak, and when I said that to him he said, "Can you sit? Then you can kayak."

It ended up being really easy. We (and a few other people we didn't know,) took a sunset tour at this lake in Southold. I cannot remember the name of the dang lake. But it was pretty big, and parts of it looked a little bit like those creepy Florida waterways, with little sheds hidden in the woods on the shores. Saw a great blue heron and a kingfisher, too, which was pretty much the highlight.

I'd love to get a kayak, and you can get them second hand around here for about $50 sometimes, but I'd have no way of getting it from here to water. My car is too small for that, and the rack to put it on the car is like $700 or something. Ridiculous!

Speaking of my car, I got the bill for my last payment on it. EVER. After five years, I own my car. :) That's $364 I don't have to pay every month.

Today I went to see (F)Lawless with a girl from work. She fangirls over Tom Hardy like me, so we decided to go and fangirl together.

It was a great movie, but so violent. Like, almost realistically violent, and the sounds were pretty grotesque. I cringed through a lot of it.

Things that annoy me that didn't used to: No real awesome parts for women. Women are just kind of there for the men. I have to give some wiggle room, since it was a movie specifically about three men, and roles shouldn't be shoe-horned into stories just for that reason, and it was about the 20s-30s. It wasn't one of those froofy "Let's glamourize everything about the roaring 20s bootleggers and their world!" films either. It depicted the racism of the time. Credit for that.

Everyone was really good in it. Even Shia LeBeouf or however you spell it, whom I normally can't even watch. He was good. I really liked Jason Clarke, too. I keep feeling like I've seen him in a million things, but when I go to his page, I can't find anything I recognize. Same with Guy Pierce, although I have seen LA Confidential enough that he'd stick with me. He was properly hideous. And his stupid hair, OMG.

I actually liked Tom Hardy's accent in this. When he was Bane, I was a little put off by whatever the hell thing he did with his voice. But here, I thought he was right on.

OMG I can't say enough about him. He does that scary thing with his eyes and I really like it when he's scary. I don't understand how people's clothes don't just fly off of them when they do a scene with him. My clothes would fly off. Just being honest here. If I was in a scene with Tom Hardy, my costumers would he working around the clock. "Oh no, did her clothes burst off of her again? Jesus christ."

It was a tad predictable in some ways (I knew who was going to die, just because that's the kind of character who always dies. But TBH I couldn't guess who was going to live.)

Welp, I'd definitely watch it again.

Oh, today's labor day, that's why I was off and going to the movies instead of work. Work tomorrow, though, 1-5. I know that seems like such a short day to everyone else, and it is. But it's about normal for massage therapy. :)

Well, here it is, September 3rd. Time to start thinking about Halloween, a little? I think so. :)

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This seizure came at 8:15 this morning. That's five and a half weeks since the last one, which isn't too bad I guess. The sucky thing is that I have to work today, and I was hoping to be able to test the waters and leave him alone for a little while. But, we're having a dinner at work to say farewell to our receptionist (so sad about that because I really like the folks I currently work with,) so I don't know how late I'll be. So with this going on, Haku has to spend the day at the vets. Bleh.

The interesting thing is that Genius Vet showed me a GV point on dogs that I couldn't find. (On people it's below the nose. Dogs don't really have a below the nose, so on them it's the tip of the nose.) So I put my finger on the GV point on the tip of his nose during the seizure, and he sneezed, and stopped seizuring. He wasn't awake for about a minute after that, but at least it stopped a little. I'll have to remember that for the next time.

Well, and that's that, and now I'm off to work in a bit, and then out to dinner. I just wish it wasn't a sad dinner. (Lots of changes at work.)
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Good god, y'all, I haven't been on my LJ for a while. Lazy lazy. It's just that, Tumblr is so much easier. I don't actually have to type, or really think much. Just "reblog." Too easy. But my Tumblr is more for like, my political/sociological stuff and all my fangirling (Dr. Who, Tom Hardy, Inception, blah blah blah) and reblogging things I find amusing or important.

LJ is for, you know, life stuff and lately I've just been working, doing yard work, going on walks with the dogs, doing some revisions, reading... I've been boring. Every time I sit down to write something for LJ I'm like "Well, what should I write?"

Let's see. Work was nice today. Actually, this whole week has been really busy, workwise. I've had tons of clients which means a good paycheck. I got some tips and was able to get groceries, put gas in my car, AND put some dough into my piggy bank. (I have an actual one.) I was super happy about that. And, I think next week I'm booked pretty solid, too. Hope it can stay that way!

The HitRECord book comes out on May 15th. I saw the layout of some of the pages and my piece "Asking For It" is definitely in there. The graphic to go along with it is amazing. Guys, guys, I am a published feminist writer. I just keep saying that over and over again. I feel, you know, very cool about that indeed. ^_^

And now for the weather. Hot, cold, hot, cold, hot, cold. It's either 75 degrees or like, 35. Come on, weather! Make up ya damn mind (and keep it at 75 for a while.) Trees are in full bloom, garden's looking all fly and pretty, oh, and Long Island started burning down about two weeks ago. For a few hours it looked like we might have to evacuate (how did this not make it into my LJ, seriously?) but they stopped evacuations about five miles west of here. Acres of forest burned, but not as bad as '95.

Tomorrow I find out if Sano can get off the pred. I have a feeling it might take another 2 weeks worth of weening, but maybe not. Also, "weening" is a really funny word. He's already getting his little skin condition (hi, Baytril is ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS A WEEK,) and his fur is already thinning. But I'd rather have him itchy and patchy than with ITP or on pred.

So tomorrow is a day off and I'll probably just take the dogs to the beach, go for a quick jog (provided it's not raining,) maybe rake up a few patches of leaves, do some revisions and, I don't know. Some stuff, I guess.

Oh, the only really exciting thing I have planned is when Lady Chrysanthemum comes back, we might go kayaking. I've never done that before. I was thinking of also asking Snarklit and Empress if they want to go, too. Like maybe lunch, and then kayaking. The disaster potential is quite high. Awesome, I can't wait. :)

Like I said, so exciting! You all were riveted, right?

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Today is a fine day. Yesterday was, too. For the first day of Spring, we had 70 degree weather, and the same today. It's clear and sunny. Yeah, maybe a little too hot for this time of year, and that is kind of worrying. But it's hard to focus on that when you can feel the sun again. (Although, isn't that always nicer after a hard winter? We hardly had a winter at all this time.)

So today I took the dogs on an hour-long walk through the woods by the lake. We climbed hills and they went into the water. Haku is still a little drugged, and Sano has a hard time keeping up because of the pred.

I like to document every year when I hear the treefrogs for the first time at night. Well, it wasn't night, but they were making a ton of noise in the woods today, so! Treefrogs.

Also, after a decent sleep, I woke up to find, first thing, a feminism collab on HitRECord, with Joe citing my written piece as a source. ^_^ It's funny, before I went to bed last night, I checked HR and I saw that he'd given a heart to that piece I'd written in November. I was like, "Why's he necro-hearting? Is he going to use it for something?" And then I was so pleased that he did. Not only that, but for something that means a lot to me.

As you can see, the feminism collab already has TONS of entries in it. So inspiring and awesome! I love that people are catching on. Especially when we've got an actualfax war on women going on in the government.

So I wrote two more pieces for it: Asking For It, and But What If I Want To Be Eaten?

(Also on HitRECord recently, I did a video about my birds, called Fly Away. I'm really proud of that one, and mostly because I worked with my awesome cousin SB. That's his amazing music you hear there.)

So that's made me pretty happy.

Also, last year's redwing blackbird Reid came back to the feeder the other day. Or maybe he's been back the whole time, but this is the first time I've had my door open and been able to see him. Still, that made me happy.

What is making me sad is that the receptionist at the fabulous clinic where I work is leaving in May. I get along really well with her and we always have so much fun. I have no idea who's going to replace her. I'm worried.

Also harshing my shine is that my arm is really freaking hurting a lot of the time. I woke up this morning and it was pretty much on fire. I stretched and it went POP! And then it felt better. I did see the chiro about it and he was like, "Hmm. Well... hmm. Hmm." Looks like either bicipital tendonitis, a mid-delt tear, or maybe a trapped nerve in my neck. None of which is fun.

Ugh, and I have to do my taxes still (or rather, get them done,) and I'm going to owe. MEGA-owe. Dang.

Well, eff it. I'm going to water my plants and play Skyward Sword. BECAUSE I CAN.


Feb. 26th, 2012 05:53 pm
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Sano's platelets dropped again. They're back down to 90, when two weeks ago they were up to 115. Normal is about 150. I know it can bounce around for a while, but this is pretty disappointing, because I really wanted to start getting him off the pred. :/ Haven't spoken to his main vet yet about what to do next, but she'll be in tomorrow. Bleh.

Also, my arm is totally effed up. I'm not sure exactly when it started. I did fall down the stairs back in November or something, and caught myself on the railing with that arm. Maybe it started then. But it just keeps getting worse. The pain is right around the biciptital tendon or so. Or maybe I did something to the delt, I'm not sure. Anyway, it's making the simplest things really difficult. I suppose I should see a Dr. about it. I just don't know when I fan get the time to do this. And then if they want me to rest it, how am I supposed to take off work for this? Ridiculous.

Meh, I'm just in a bad mood over all of this.

It was June last year when Sano was totally off prednisone. he started in March. But I didn't document last year if the platelets rose and then fell like this. I think they did because that sounds familiar.

With any luck (oh please oh please!) he can be off pred by May this time at the latest. Please, universe?
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So this, then, was the holiday season of '11. I quite liked it. I got a tree for the first time in three years, and it was a good tree, not too tall or short. In fact it's still up – gotta take it down Sunday, really, along with the rest of the decorations. I hate that.

I got to spend time with people I see all the time and still want to see more, and also with people I haven't seen with in a while.

The 22nd, a Thursday, was our Kung Fu party. We haven't done one of these in a few years, either. It was swell to get back into that. We went to the grill around the corner from our school, after class. When we all came in wearing our uniforms, the waitstaff got goggly-eyed. One of the servers said, "Are you all Shaolin people?" We're not, but that's what people tend to think. She laughingly asked us not to break anything, and said she loved our "Gi uniforms." Or Ghi or whatever the Karate ones are called. "Wear the Gi with pride," she said. No one corrected her.

The food was delish, the laugher was sincere (because the jokes were funny,) and the dessert was shared. At the end, The Empress and I took our traditional Bad Angle Photo, which we do every time we all go out together.

Kung Fu party pics. )

On Friday the 23rd, I got to hang with my two best friends from high school. (Tangent: I did have two more friends in high school, and one of them I still hear from sporadically, and the other, I don't know what became of him. His name was Jimmy; He was teenytiny, played guitar, and we used to go out to lunch every day and do stupid things like photocopy our body parts, loiter around the candy stores, break bottles against the wall of Pergament, set fire to leaves, and generally act the fool – but we never got caught.)

ANYway, these two friends I still keep in regular contact with, after, what, 23 years now? Durga moved to Washington (we lived in Seattle as roomies briefly in the 90s, and she loved the state and eventually went back,) and Drex lives close enough that we still get together now and then, mostly for video games. So, Durga had come up for the holidays to spend time with her Mom, and she came by here for a few hours. I invited Drex along, and we had the old gang back together. Drex brought over a 30 gallon fish tank he has no more use for. We went to my Mom's, had pizza, and laughed until we cried. Holy crap, Drex can really tell a story and get everyone larfing all the larfs.

I had to work early the next day, and the mini-party ended around 1:30 AM. Before they left, we took pictures in front of my tree, re-creating the Nativity. ^_^

Xmas eve eve )

I worked on Christmas Eve. One person tipped me double, another didn't tip me at all. I guess it evened out.

On actual Christmas, Mom and I took turns visiting Boychild's Mama/Boychild/Mom's side of the family at their house across the street. (Boychild's Daddy was working a double.) CeceAnn was there with her three kiddies, and also my Aunt, the one who was in the car accident this past year and lost her leg. It was good to see her smiling and looking well. I went over there while my Mom watched Haku, and then I took Haku back to mine and my Mom went for her visit. She brought over Grampa's shirt to give to my aunt.

Boychild's Mama baked up a storm, which I am still eating, actually. The adults played with the kids' toys, and for the third time in one week, I laughed until I cried.

Crimbo 1.0 )

And this is where I laughed myself dehydrated: here's Mimi having a helluva time trying to say "Ghostbuster."

Then Xmas night, That Guy I'm Seeing came by in his new (well not new-new) truck. We had some egg nog and I gave him this gold paper crane I had made, with a tag that said, "drive safely" in Kanji. Except the paper crane looked really dorky and he thought it was a pterodactyl so we decided it would be a lucky, golden pteranodon instead.

I worked on the 26th and 27th. To all my clients and co-workers, Christmas was over, but I still had one more gathering. SB, Jo-chan, UD (their Dad, my Uncle,) and Boychild's Mama with Boychild all went to my Mom's for belated Xmas dinner.

There weren't a helluva lot of gifts going around, but what there was, was awesome. Pajamas, socks, handwarmers, things like that. Some people don't even get those, you know. I had given SB and Jo-chan their gifts already, last month. It was Skyward Sword, and who wants to wait for that? I had also pre-ordered them ages ago, and got one for Boychild, too. When I gave him his Skyward Sword game, he danced around the room singing, "OH YEAH! OH YEAH! I GOT IT! I GOT IT!" I just missed recording that; it was awesome and totally worth the wait.

Boychild had gotten, from his parents, a replica Master Sword and Hylian Shield, which everyone had to take turns playing with, especially my Uncle. He's pretty much as big a gamer as I am, maybe even bigger.

One other important thing that happened was this: For a long time, my Mom has been trying to get Dad's music/interviews/rehearsals/ramblings from reel-to-reel onto CD. The reels are ancient, and so are the players, and she had no way to convert them. SB is majoring in music and he's got this incredible wealth of technological knowledge, and resources too. So SB and my Mom spent hours in my Dad's music room, not only figuring out the RTR (and a few of us sporadically came and went to help out – I actually remembered how to set up the RTR! WTH!) but mostly it was SB and my Mom, talking about my Dad (his uncle) and this and that. He's a really good boy who was extremely close to his uncle and I think this was a nice thing for both of them. I love that he gets to help preserve—really save—my Dad's music and history. But, that was only the preliminary "this is what you need to accomplish this, and this is how it works" thing, so he'll be back to actually upload them one of these days.

Also, I got Jo-chan what I thought was a really fly gift, and she was totally pleased with it. A few weeks before, we were hanging around talking about which type of character we would be in the world of Legend of Zelda. We all agreed she'd be a Kokiri. She wondered if anyone had ever made or sold the "Kokiri Emerald" from Ocarina of Time. I was so dang thrilled to find one for her on Etsy. So that was really awesome, too. And my Mom get her an Adiposian from Dr. Who, because the three of us watch that show together.

Boychild, for the first time ever, picked out the gifts he wanted to give to everyone, from the store and from his pre-school sale. For me, pink pajamas and awesome socks, along with a Santa Clause ring. For my Mom, pajamas (I forgot which color!) and black socks, and a keyblade charm from Kingdom Hearts. For Jo-chan, pajamas with kitties on them and something else which I forgot. For SB, Ninja Turtle pajamas. How he knew that SB is the biggest Ninja Turtles fan ever and has been since the womb, practically, I will never guess.


Crimbo 2.0 )

And that was that. Now it's Friday, and I have work tomorrow, New Years Eve. But that's cool, I don't do NYE anyway; it's not my thing. I don't ring in the new year or anything. In fact, I'll either be watching Torchwood or Dexter, or I'll be in bed reading the new King book. I'm about a quarter of the way through.

Oh, probably about a quarter of the way through Skyward Sword, too. Two of my cousins finished it in days. Me, I like to stretch it out as long as possible. Like today. Instead of starting the new dungeon, I walked around with the Gust Bellows and blew on all the NPCs I could find. I posted it to Tumblr and somehow it became very popular. (Not as popular as my "Tenth Doctor/IT IS DEFENDED from the pepper spraying cop" Meme that I did, which ended up on the official BBC Tumblr with over 3500 reblogs. But still popular. ^_^ )

And now, onto 2012/Year Of The Dragon. I will keep working, recording, reading and playing, keep writing, keep querying, and I will KEEP ON TRYING TILL I RUN OUT OF CAKE.
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I DON'T KNOW! I HAVE A LOT OF FEELS ABOUT KENSHIN, OKAY. And this trailer gives me a lot of thinks to go along with my feels!

So I'm not sure yet. The cast looks very beautiful, and the action looks pretty badass too. I could love it, maybe, but it had better be damn effing good. You can't mess with a thing like Kenshin. And I hope they don't mess up Kaoru because she was pretty hardcore. So, we'll see about this!

Fangirling aside for a sec, I have a full schedule tomorrow which is rad, because it's been really freaking slow around there. I have one appointment on Christmas Eve and we're closing early, so I'll be losing most of that day, too. Hopefully I will get some good tips tomorrow.

Today I sent out three more queries. I sent them with mucho excitement and high hopes. Fly, little queries! Fly and find us a home!

All right, really I just wanted to put up that trailer. Time to go watch some Torchwood at Mom's, and then chill out here for a bit and get to bed early for tomorrow's appointments. I start at ten, because that's the earliest we ever start there (the owners, two sisters, are so NOT morning people for which I am profoundly grateful,) but with having to take care of the dogs etc. in the morning, I still have to get up at 8:15. Still! That's the earliest I ever have to get up for work and that's really nothing to complain about, is it? Especially after getting up at 6:45 for so many years working for The Bad Place, and at 6 AM on some days when I was in school over an hour away. God DAMN how the hell did I even do that? Eff that.

You know what occurred to me just now? I need some new icons.

Well, yeah. Okay, ta!

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Work has been suuuuuperrrrr sllloooooowwwww. I only had five appointments last week, and this week so far only five again. It better start picking up!

While most of my time has been wiled away on the new Zelda. I'm not even very far along into it, either. Like with most things I like, I try to slow down and make it last. (Which is why I'm still not caught up with Dr. Who even though I started watching it over the summer, and am taking it really slow with Torchwood. How often do I watch a tv show? Not often, so when I do, I need to make it last.)

I've been writing, reading (the new King actually,) and yeah that's about it. Haku got his staples out today. It's two weeks since his surgery. He won't be able to walk for another six so I'm still carrying his ass around everywhere. Good exercise I guess, but so not good for my back. I need a massage in the worst way. I'm due for one, too, as part of a trade.

I also don't want anyone to think that I've been cocooned all in my house here, unaware of what's going on in the world. For most of my political/sociological/feminist stuff, I'm using my Tumblr now. Although it's not just for that stuff; it's also for fun.

You should know I'm super tired right now and not making any kind of sense at all.

It's been pretty cold out. I've been listening to Seth MacFarlane's CD. It's too quiet without Belle. My goldfish, The Doctor, it getting big. I accidentally texted The Gold Dragon that we would definitely get together after the holocaust, and if he's studying, I wish him good lick. Today is my best friend's birthday and I can't wait to see her and give her prezzies. I watched The Christmas Invasion (Dr. Who) while writing out my first cards in 3 years. I want a Zelda tattoo, because it's about time. I feel like I'm close to getting an agent. I know I said that last year, too, but this year it feels closer. My Mom asked me if I could see my cousins' holiday lights from my yard; I told her I could see them from space. I did most of my Xmas shopping on Etsy. I read a novel about Torchwood and it was SO BAD. I love the Kindle because you can write notes in it when you find typos. I spent the last two days watching the ridiculous movie for King's Bag Of Bones. Why the hell are the mini-series' (or whatever they are called, not sure when it's only 2 episodes) usually so damn bad? I miss the Tenth Doctor. The world is changing and I'm changing with it. We live in interesting times.


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A while back I mentioned some of the songs that played on a loop at work, and how I had thought of names and stories to go with them. At least one of those CDs was so goddamn awful that I actually took it from work so that it would never end up back in the rotation again. But there are ones that I kind of either didn't mind, or dug in a weird way because they were just so fruitloopy or wacked out that I semi-sorta loved them. I mentioned a few of the song titles that had come to me while hearing those songs and at least a few of you said you wanted to hear them. [ profile] spatterdash wanted to hear Gay Viking Reunion in particular.

I'm happy to say that today I procured one CD, which I will return to work because it's pretty inoffensive as far as repetitive music goes – but let it be said that I have a very low bar for repetition to begin with, so when I say something is "tolerable" it means just that. I'm not loving hearing these songs, I'm just tolerating them because they're not as bad as some others.

I shouldn't make them out to be all horrible, though. For example, Seagulls Never Crap On Him is actually kind of mellow, and when it comes on I can kind of get into it a bit.

It's hard to hear the actual sounds of each song because they're filtered over a PA and there is lots of background noise—various white-noise makers, waterfall sounds, fountains and other such, as well as the hum of the hydroculator, creaking floorboards and occasionally the conversation of my clients. So when I first heard this CD, with the bird calls in the background, I thought it was my elderly client having a wheeze. This particular sound repeats throughout the entire CD, therefore the CD is called "Wheezing Old Man."

Here's one that's kind of nice; I call it At The RenFest. Apparently it's really called "Chanson Melancolic" but I don't find it all that sad, really. And I never heard the rain sounds until I listened to it on my Mac tonight.

Ahh, finally, Ghost Lovers On A Jazz Train. Again, I never heard the shore/water sounds at work. Anyway, this song, to me, was always about two people who were trysting on a train when it went off the rails, and now they haunt it. My co-worker and I discussed this one once. Before hearing what I'd had to say about it, she thought it was about a haunted house. Isn't it funny how we both thought it was about ghosts? But I also think this one can be called "Stood Up At The Hotel Bar." Because this woman is waiting in a swanky/sleazy hotel bar, all dressed up in a sleek cocktail dress with a chunky bracelet and her hair done up in a french twist. She's waiting for her married lover and getting progressively more wasted. But he's dead, so he never shows up and she haunts the bar forever. The guy playing the horn is wearing a hat and suspenders, but oddly, no shirt and he's really buff and oiled up. WHAT? I don't know, that's what I picture, if it's not the train ghosts.

Apparently the song is actually called "Midnight Blue," which is kind of the same thing.

Here is The Mothership Lands On The Beach. Pretty self explanatory.

And finally: Gay Viking Reunion . The ship coming up over the horizon, you know, the sails in the sunrise, gulls wheeling overhead, ocean mist whipping everyone's beards around. The Viking captain is all victorious and battle-worn and such and with the horned hat. Then finally he rows to the shore where his lover is waiting for him, and then they go back to their hut and have Viking sex. I'm not sure why they're gay, they just are. Also they leave their viking hats on.

Still don't have "Cannabis From Rivendell" or "Getting Stoned In My TeePee" yet, sorry. :D

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Today it hit 105. See, now this is my summer day. It was already 95 when I went outside at around 10 AM to take the dogs out. Mmmmm that is some delicious weather. I realize I'm the only person on the planet who loves this, but I do. And tomorrow is going to be even hotter. Of course, I will be at work, where even in the warmest room (which they considerately give to me,) the AC is cranked down to freezing. However, I'm allowed to close the vent, which I do.

While I'm talking about work, I want to talk about this one CD that gets played on repeat there. Every time it comes on, it's so loud, with these overwhelming strings. It's supposed to be relaxing, but it's like a six-minute funeral dirge. It is so awful. It comes on and all I can think about is protracted death scenes and long, painful farewells. It's six minutes of mawkish noise and I hate it. I hate it so much I very nearly have to buy it, just so I can put it up somewhere and say "Isn't this song a mawkish dirge?!" and have everyone agree with me. It's called "Breath of Morning" which to me sounds like "morning breath" but whatever, that's not even the point.

Sad, overbearing songs aside, let's see, what else is going on aside from the heat? I got a new betta fish, that's one thing! His name is Shemar. Don't even laugh at me. He's pretty. Check him out.
Shemar )

See how he's mostly blue, but the red shoots out from his body to his tail and fin? He's really cool looking and badass so his name is Shemar.

Now, everyone look at: my leg )

It looks a bit better, right? It's stopped oozing blood at least, but still bruised up. When I came home from Kung Fu on tuesday though, my ankle got all swollen again and I had to ice it. Still, it doesn't hurt except down by my ankle where there is a hard little knob of pain. Actually, it's starting to itch. Now you all know.

I also want to show you guys my ice peen, and I'm not even putting this behind a cut because it's too amazing. This is an actualfax ice cream I was eating the other night:


Okay, so I did the top of it on purpose by sucking on it, but come on now, seriously. WHAT IN THE WORLD, how did it get to look so... Just so. You can't even deny that that is amazing.

It's like art. I was only being a little bit cheeky and that's what came out. I haven't been able to replicate it since then. BUT I WILL KEEP TRYING.

And here is me today )

I look like someone's overheated Italian Mama in a sack dress. I was inspired to go outside and pick some grapes after I took this photo of myself, so that's what I did. I picked grapes and I gave them to my aviary birds. (Six of them now: Reid, Penelope, Hotch, Emily, Morgan and the ever-present Car. My two sparrows, JJ and Rossi, are still inside. Good batch this year though.)

I know what else I wanted to document. The other night, I started watching Dr. Who. All of my friends are really into it and I was looking for another show that I could set down and enjoy every few nights or so. I've only seen 3 episodes as of yet, but so far I like it. It's made me miss London, even though I was only there briefly. I think often of going back. I really hope to, someday.

Oh, and! I'm reading Atonement. God, what prose! But according to every review I've ever read, no matter what happens between page one and the end, it's the final page that breaks your heart. Every review is saying something like "I'm writing this after sobbing for a few hours." So I'm really curious as to what happens on the last page. I can't wait to get there. Well, and dreading it, at the same time.

I think that's about it. Anything else would have to go into a locked post.

And I have to remember: go dancing in the park Monday!

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My new boss is a TOTAL BOSS. :) Okay, here there be TMI so be warned. This is girlstuff.

Last few months, ovulation has been a little twingy on the left side. (Ovaries are supposed to take turns but sometimes both of mine go at once. Twins run in the family.) Well this time, starting I guess on Wednesday (it's Sunday now,) it hit a ridiculous level. Like this:


Only without the usual reason of having listened to Tom Hardy speak for a while.

It was, like, doctor-callingly bad. So, I called my usual crotch doctor's office yesterday before work because IT WAS THAT BAD. I was like, "My left ovary is exploding. When is the earliest I could see Dr. So and So?"

The receptionist said, "August."

WHAAAAAAAT. "Are you kidding me? What happens if my ovary explodes in the meantime?"

Really dismissively she says, "Go to the emergency room."

I'm like, "So, I have to actually wait until something happens – until a cyst ruptures, then go to the emergency room, then someone will treat me?"

She said, basically, yeah pretty much.

So I said, "Fine, give me something for August then, I'll just hope that nothing bad happens before then."

She goes, "Oh, I can't do that. You have to call back at the end of July."

So, eff them. Okay, I realize this doc is awesome and she's hard to get, but this woman was just so blithely dismissive that I just don't even feel right about going back there.

Off I went to work, where it was a little better but still twingy on and off. I was asking around, the girls I work with, if they knew any awesome crotch doctors. One of my co-workers was like, "Oh my god, I had the same thing a few years ago. Sucks, doesn't it?" She finally had surgery for hers. Anyway, she gave me a recommendation for a good doctor. And she has to be a female doctor, you know? Because I think I man can't honestly know what it feels like. I think you can study something all you like and know it inside and out (*snicker*) but what it comes down to is, have you lived in a female body, with all its various parts and functions and misfires? No? Then you can't really understand.

ANYway so, I was talking to my boss, the acupuncturist. She's generally awesome. She's 39, pregnant for the first time, and working all the way through. She looks like she's in her 20s and is very soft-spoken (I have to strain to hear her sometimes.) So I tell her what was going on and she goes, "Do you want me to put a tack in your ear?"

Umm. What?

"An acupuncture tack." She explains that the ear is shaped like a fetus and there are points corresponding to the different body parts and functions. The "tack" is a teeny acupuncture needle with an adhesive, and it stays there all week. So I said, "Sure, I'll try anything!"

So she stuck the teeny needle in. I didn't even feel it. As I was giving treatments, I started to get that little twingy pain again, the way it was the night before just before it got worse, and I got nervous. But, surprise! The pain never came.

Color me impressed. I studied acupuncture for about a semester, but I never actually tried it because I was too nervous. But now I think I'm really going to give it a go, for just general wellness, if I can afford it. OR, I can also barter for it. :D

That's another thing I love about my job, the bartering. My co-worker and I did our first barter between last week and yesterday: we traded deep tissue massages. It was great! And this week, I'm bartering with the reflexologist if there's time.

(Not only that, but I barter with my friends, too; I have something to give them now when they help me with something. My training brothers are coming by for treatments now, in exchange for them helping me. For example, High School Homeslice came by to take down the remainder of the pool. Snarklit saw me on the side of the road with a flat and stopped to help me change it. The thing is, they would help me out anyway if I asked them to, for nothing. But, I can give them something in return that helps them. Trigger point therapy, general wellness, treatment for muscle strains, etc. )


Anyway, that is the story of my cool boss and my ovary. Please don't worry, this is nothing really serious (*knock on wood*). I live in my body and I know what it's up to most of the time. I'm pretty certain of what's going on and it's nothing more than a nuisance that I need to take care of. If a doctor can see me, that is. :/

Right, so now I want to address some more of the phrases that brought people to this LJ. Some are hilarious, some are not.

To the person who found my LJ by looking for "PEENCEPTION," you absolutely made my day. I realize you probably found the link to his movie (awesome) but I hope you also found this post. WARNING for Tom Hardy's peen, okay?

To the seeker of " advent children mr. Fluffy " That was hilarious, right? I remember that.

I do not know who or what "beanarie anon" is.

"Disney Lookism" – I'm not sure I ever addressed this. Did I? If not, I should. I know I address lookism once in a while.

"F--- yeah Wirrow" – YES, SCORE. I'm sure I never actually said that on here, but it sums up my thoughts anyway.

To the person wondering about "Lomi Lomi vs. Swedish" – I like them both! And I wish I knew more Lomi Lomi.

"Rude Trees" – I am so happy that someone found my LJ searching for rude trees. I hope I've provided you with some, or at least with some rude plants.

"My shiny new job" – Wow, what are the chances?! Are there other people with shiny new jobs, or was someone looking for that specific post? Neat!

"Advent Children Complete Deleted rape scene" – WHAT. WHAT, NO. There isn't one. And if there was, I wouldn't support Advent Children, Final Fantasy, or Square Enix anymore.

This actually leads me to the next keyword search, which was "My Chemical Romance Women's Rights". Yup, I also boycotted Advent Children Complete because Gerard Way was on the soundtrack, and if anyone out there stands against women's rights, in a sly, insidious way, it's My Chemical Romance. That's because they used to pretend to support women's rights. And minorities, and gay rights, and this and that. Not only did they recently come out and say that that isn't their way anymore, they actually went on to promote violence against women, and said some hideous things via Twitter. Threatening women, making jokes about forcing abortions, and Frank Iero using the N word. I don't even have to get into them dragging the hate-fueled Mindless Self Indulgence on the road with them and supporting them. My Chemical Romance is hate-fueled enough on their own.

Next, someone searched for "Lohi'au's traits." Hmm. Well, Lohi'au was a chief, was handsome and talented at chanting at at the Hula. He was also something of a piner. He pined to death for Pele, remember. And he got killed a few times, too. See, there weren't a hell of a lot of gender roles in ancient Hawaiian legends, so often it was the women who were pursuers and the men who were pursued. The men who were locked away, to be discovered and "rescued" by the women. Anyway, the Pele/Lohi'au/Hi'iaka/Hopoe story is one of my favorites ever.

Also? I think that Hi'iaka and Hopoe might have been sweethearts. That's an interpretation I got from a few songs, you know. Mälama ke kanaka mälama ka lehua
Mälama ke kaunu moe ipo ...
Are you picking up what I'm putting down, here? :)

To the person looking for FFVII essays, I hope you got some use out of it. :)

"Joseph Gordon-Levitt" – He's pretty fly, isn't he?

"Tahitian scream" – Yup, I can still do that, and it's ear-splitting.

"Link's Queen" and "Tilly" – Oh my god, hilarious, wasn't it? Come and say hello, anon. Those were fun times.

And to those looking for "blather rinse repeat" and "Kapunua" – Hello everyone!

Right, so now I've got the day off, and I'm going to draw some things, and dick around on the internet. Come on, internet, amuse me!

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Last Saturday after work, I was outside with Sano when I heard my neighbor's kid shouting about this cool bird she'd found. She was outside riding bikes with her brother and their friend. (Tangentially: these are the kids of the guy I used to ride bikes with when we were that age. Last year he moved back in next door. His kids are actually really nice.) So, I put Sano inside and went running over, figuring she'd found a baby bird or something. Because, it's almost June and I haven't had a single baby bird yet. (WTF.)

But it wasn't a baby. It was a full-grown, blue and green parakeet. We all kind of circled around it and finally I managed to catch it in my sweater.


This is Derek. He's named after Derek Morgan from Criminal Minds. He's got a band on his leg and I should really check it. Now that I'm thinking about it, that's not a bad idea.

But if no one claims him, I guess he is my parakeet. He's pretty cute, and I'll always take a bird in need, so there it is. :)

Also this week, I got a new broadsword! This one has an actualfax live blade (just a lot thicker,heavier, steel, and sharpened.)

Here, under the cut. )

Wow, look at how gorgeous that blade is! I'm just afraid that once I start using it, I'll cut myself in half. Can't tell you how many times I've whacked myself with the broadsword I've used for years. It's a lot thinner, lighter and not as sharp. Guess I'm going to have to start slow and stop making stupid mistakes.

Today is the first warm, sunny day of the season. It has rained every day for over two weeks and not gotten above 60. I'm sick of it! I still have my stupid winter clothes out. Not awesome.

Here is some excellent news, though. My job did a press release not only about hiring me, but also about the Hula class they want me to teach. Within hours of the release, four people signed up. They have until July to sign even more. So I definitely have a class to teach over the summer and I am SO STOKED. I hope I get tons of students, and of all different age groups.

The people I work with are really sweet and fun. I feel like I'm finding a little niche there and it's one that I like. I know now, realistically, that I'm going to have to find other ways to supplement my income. I'm going to have to freelance – which is just as well. I just need to figure out a few things before I start doing that. Although, I am getting some nice change for the Hula classes. :D Which is going to take the edge off Haku's vet bills a bit, too.

Just yesterday I was talking to a darling friend of mine about vet bills. I know I bitch about them a lot and am always talking about them. But I don't think I've ever specified how much the vet bills actually were.

Since May of '09, between Sano and Haku, their veterinary bills have hit upwards of about $45,000 dollars. That is three zeroes you see after that. It might be more by now, with the monthly meds; I haven't counted those in yet.

But since '09, Haku has had 5 surgeries. He's had an MRI, spinal tap, ultrasound, and countless x rays. He's had months of rehab, weeks of hospital stays (which can be up to $100 a night.) At least one of Haku's conditions (the missing kidney) can be traced back to Dr. Dickwhistle. That's not official, but I've asked vets and techs all around the island (without mentioning his name) and they seem to all agree that it's likely that Dr. Dickwhistle accidentally cut Haku's ureter while he was up there looking for a second testicle during his neuter. Spay. Speuter. Whatever.

Sano, since '09, has had X rays, ultrasounds (on his liver, due to one vet accidentally doubling the dose of his meds and blowing out his liver AND his bone marrow,) three-week stay in the hospital last autumn, and three blood transfusions – each at a thousand or so dollars each. He also gets bi-monthly blood tests for the ITP. The ITP is also a result of a mistake by Dr. Dickwhistle, but that one was a willful mistake.

One of these days I've got to take a picture of the "dog pharmacy" as I call it. You'd have to see it to believe the amount of pill and supplement bottles that line the counter.

So, yeah. Over forty five thousand dollars in vet bills over the last two years. That's more than my college cost.

I still want to punch people when they tell me that it's not worth it to keep taking care of them. Also, before anyone says "YOU SHOULD GET PET INSURANCE," rest assured that neither dog is in any way insurable with their preexisting conditions. Pet insurance. I wish.

Anyway, that's just what was on my mind.

So now I've got this parakeet—and I think they're also called budgies? I hope so, because "budgies" just make me think of Monty Python. So far he has not flown out of my lavatory and infringed on my personal freedom.

Plenty of stuffs going on in Kung Fu as well, but that will all be for later posts! ^_^

I'm off tomorrow, except for taking Haku to his physical therapy. I've been taking the dogs to the beach a lot, on my days off. Maybe I'll take them again after his rehab. They have such a great time there and I get lots of videos.

Oh, I should also mention that last Thursday, as I was walking along the beach with the dogs, I dropped my camera into the bay. I had to actually go into my piggy bank for the first time ever to get some cash and buy a new one. I got a little Canon PowerShot for like $170. Ugh, still a lot of money, but I legitimately couldn't go more than a few hours without having a camera. Which is crazy. Anyway, it's fuchsia.

So, that's what's been going on in this neck of the woods for the last week or so. Guess I'll wrap this up now.

ETA: last minute! My cousin just brought over a baby bird. Finally! Her dog had it and it looks slightly worse for wear. But let's hope he'll be all right! ^_^
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So, this is pretty neat. When I was finishing up at work on Tuesday, the receptionist pulled me aside and said, "I have to tell you, you broke a record around here. Everyone who has had an appointment with you has rebooked. You have the first ever 100% re-book rate." I was floored by this. She went on to tell me that out of everyone who left my room, even the ones who usually just pay and leave had something positive to say.
That really, really made my day.

Although on Saturday, for some reason, I only had one appointment. That kind of really effed up my paycheck this week. I know I've got to get used to tips being inconsistent, but I do hope that the work itself will eventually be consistent.

Especially now, since I will have one more expense that I hadn't planned for (aside from vet bills,) and also because today I dropped my camera into the bay and I need a new one. :/ I will have to get one ASAP which means I'll have to, for the first time ever, actually open my piggy bank and pull out a few hundred dollars to avoid putting a camera on my credit card.

Then, I'll just start over with my piggy bank. ^_^ Yes, I keep an actual one. My best friend gave it to me and I can't believe how helpful it's been.

In other good news, my Mom has had lots and lots of praise for her job, too. She's getting all these extra responsibilities and is largely agreed to be the best one there. That's pretty huge. I'm so pleased that she not only enjoys her job, but apparently is the best one at it out of everyone, and she's only been there a few months.

Here's more good: My aunt woke up. Of course, she lost her leg and she still needs double hip replacement and probably more than a year of physical rehab. But she is finally awake, lucid, forming words, and understanding of her situation. That's such a huge leap from even last month when they were still saying she had a 12% chance of survival.

In the meantime, I've still been minding the Boychild. Working on some stuff for HitRECord (OH YEAH, UNTIL TODAY WHEN I DROPPED MY CAMERA INTO THE BAY,) taking Haku to rehab, going to Kung Fu (when I can afford the gas money,) and not putting my laundry away.

I haven't seen that dude I'm seeing in a while because he's been back in school and he lives pretty far away but he recently moved a bit closer so we'll probably get to hang out Sunday.

Let's see, what else. Oh, I know. It's cold and rainy. It seriously has rained for the last five days, and is set to rain for the following three. I mean, cool, rain and all, very nice. BUT OH MY GOD. This time last year I was putting away my winter clothes. This year, I'm still wearing my fuzzy sucks* and sweatpants and long sleeves. Come the hell on, weather. Get with the damn program.

Two of my fishies died, in two different tanks. First, Arthur the kissing gourami died. He hadn't looked well in a few days so I had a feeling it was coming. I need to get a new kissing gourami because Eames is really lonely now. Then, my little tuxedo platy Ariadne died (Coincidence? INCEPTION. BRRRRRM.) She was from the other tank though. It was weird, because my betta, Handsome Bob, had been sort of hanging around her for a while. He wasn't attacking her or flaring or anything, just kind of swimming by her and like, finning her. It was really weird.

Oh, I know what else. Apparently Saturday is the rapture. GOOD. As a friend of mine said, I always wondered why we were supposed to be so horrified by the fact that the believers would be gone, and the rest of us would be left on earth. They're leaving and we're staying? Cool. I'd deal with a few zombies if that's the case. I've got a broadsword.

Also, what was that thing about it being easier to stuff a camel through a needle's eye, than to get a rick person into heaven? Therefore I propose that all these rich-ass people who put billboards up all over the damn world should give their money to charity. And by "charity" I mean "me." It's not like they're going to use it, right? And they do wish to get into heaven. Giving all your worldly goods to someone else would pretty much assure your safe passage, I think. Or so I've heard. OTOH I've never tried to stuff a camel through the eye of a needle or really anywhere. I'm for animal rights. So who knows how difficult or easy this is?

Damn it, my stupid camera. :/ Plop, right into the bay. WTF.

*OMFG, BEST TYPO EVER. And I didn't even see it until my friend pointed out it comments. It's so awesome, I'm leaving it. You don't even need to know that I meant "socks." FUZZY SUCKS is better.
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tumblr hit tracking tool

Work today was fairly mellow and went quickly. I had four neat appointments, two of which were deep tissue. One of my clients is a pathology patient and he said he felt a lot better after last week's treatment. So, I hope I can keep doing right by him. I'm getting some nice reviews and repeat clients. The best part is that they are so nice, so polite, and always so happy when they leave. It's kind of cool, really, being a massage therapist. It makes you very popular! ^_^ Everyone likes the massage therapist. It's a nice feeling, making people feel good.

Tips are iffy. I mentioned this last time, but I need another reminder. Today wasn't so bad. The first guy didn't tip. The last three did and it made a big difference. I am starting to rely on tips and I know I shouldn't, because they are sporadic. But they bought lsat week's groceries, and now, with the gas stations charging an extra $.10 PER GALLON if you use a credit card, I really need the cash.

Make it rain, people, come on. ;D

One other thing I love about my job is that even for my earliest appointments, the earliest I need to be out of bed is 8:30. Okay, 8:30 is still early to me, I am so not a morning person. My natural waking up time is 9:30 - 10. But, 8:30 is also just fine. It beats the hell out of 7, which I had to get up at for my old, crap job, (NOT the last one,but the one before that,) and freaking 6AM for school sometimes. 8:30 is pretty reasonable, I think.

SO! My good friend Drex came over yesterday to help Mom and I clean up the massive piles of leaves in the yard. It was hard work, really gross work, too. Together it took the three of us about 3 hours – and that was only the backyard, not counting the tons of leaves in the torn up pool liner. Boychild just chilled out in the yard, basically being mellow and fighting imaginary bad guys with his sword and staff. But, who's to say they're imaginary? Not I.

Then we had pizza and Drex and I played Soul Calibur 3 for like 3 hours, just like we always used to. It was a super close game, but I was playing Kilik and I had a slight edge. :D Anyway, good times. Now I really want to pick up SCIV but I already bought two things for myself this month (a HitRECord bag and a DVD.) So maybe next month if I can find a cheap one.

Interesting things are occurring at Kung Fu and that's all I'm gonna say about that. Sifu says it's "Leopard Month." We're doing tons and tons of leopard style drills. Super fun.

This movie, Hesher, looks amazing. I feel like when I see it, something is going to really click with me. What-with how these last two years have gone, (Gran, Dad, various aunts, uncles, various serious illnesses within the family, drama, the threat of losing my home, generally a ridiculous trauma conga line,) I can nearly guarantee that this movie is going to make me bust out crying. But I'll probably love it, still. If it's playing around here, that is.

Finally, a link I need to share: Processed Meats Declared Too Dangerous for Human Consumption

The World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) has just completed a detailed review of more than 7,000 clinical studies covering links between diet and cancer. Its conclusion is rocking the health world with startling bluntness: Processed meats are too dangerous for human consumption. Consumers should stop buying and eating all processed meat products for the rest of their lives.
Processed meats include bacon, sausage, hot dogs, sandwich meat, packaged ham, pepperoni, salami and virtually all red meat used in frozen prepared meals. They are usually manufactured with a carcinogenic ingredient known as sodium nitrite. This is used as a color fixer by meat companies to turn packaged meats a bright red color so they look fresh. Unfortunately, sodium nitrite also results in the formation of cancer-causing nitrosamines in the human body. And this leads to a sharp increase in cancer risk for those who eat them.
A 2005 University of Hawaii study found that processed meats increase the risk of pancreatic cancer by 67 percent. Another study revealed that every 50 grams of processed meat consumed daily increases the risk of colorectal cancer by 50 percent.

Okay, I have been saying this for YEARS, first of all. Then, when I took one of my classes in school last year, I found out even more about this. I basically sent a PM on FB to tons of people, with this link. "SEE, I SAID THIS. PLEASE STOP EATING THIS STUFF!" The thought of cancer keeps me awake at night. How can people not know this? And when they do know it, how can they continue to poison themselves? I think this is just as toxic as smoking. But OTOH, people continue to do that, too.

Well, let me not end on a frustrated note. Umm. I got my cool HitRECord bag, the Tiny Stories one. Weather has been a bit too chilly, but it's getting there. Tonight is nice and windy, you can smell apple blossoms and the ocean. Doesn't get much nicer than that. ^_^ The leaves are raked up, my rugs are vacuumed, my bathroom is clean and there is Kefir in the fridge. I get to sleep late tomorrow.



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