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So the day starts off at 7:15 with Haku having a seizure. Of course, the one time Callum sleeps till the alarm goes off, Haku has to be up at 7:15. I kinda knew he could have one, because I ended up putting stupid Advantix on him, which is a neurotoxin. I hate using it and I only do it for like, three months of the year, when ticks are bad. But I did find a deer tick on ME the other day. And I had tick repellent on, too. Let me tell you. Flipping OUT. That is so unfair. And a deer tick, too, not just a regular old stupid dog tick.

I know he has the seizures and then he's fine after a long walk around the yard and his medicine, but it still never gets any easier to watch when he has them. It's just not fun.

But, aside from that. I'm happy to say that it's been about 75 degrees this whole week during they day, even getting up to 80. I had a feeling we were going to skip Spring and go straight on into Summer, so I wish there had been a few 50s and 60s in there for a month or so, you know, like in April. But April was all 20s to 40s. :/

But a hot day makes me want to get out there and do things, so that's what we've been doing.

The washer and dryer finally up and quit after about, what 20 years? So I went to PC Richards to pick out a new set, but they have to install a 220, blah blah, washer came today, dryer tomorrow etc. Callum had a total freak-out in the store when we had to leave without buying “ten bacuum.” (There were seven. We left without any of them.) He's been a little off the last two days, like really cranky and tired. Yesterday he was better than the day before, and today pretty much his normal self. He's never had a meltdown in a store before so I was like “whaaaaaat?”

So anyway, I didn't exactly expect the washer today, but I was, fortunately, home in time for them to come set it up. The whole thing took about twenty minutes. I am legitimately bummed out that I neglected to say “farewell” to the old washer. I was just in a giant rush because, wait, back up--

So I was awake mad early, and took the dogs out. As I think I mentioned, I've been trying to trap that bird-killing, yard-pooping, asshole cat that comes in the yard. So far I've caught a possum, and one raccoon three times. Stupid bastard was in the trap again this morning. Bro. Get out of the trap. Why so dumb? Then he was trying to swat me with his little garbage-paws as I was fumbling with the thing to release the door and let him go. I'm really tired of catching this raccoon.

After that little adventure, I decided to go to Home Depot to get a tomato plant or two, because the seedlings that Callum planted (well, I did it, but he helped by patting the soil and watering them,) are still too small and I want to put something out there. Turns out it is “garden week” or some nonsense which is the worst thing in the world, I mean I should not have been there. But I mean they had a sale. I accidentally plants. Not many, I mean, 4 for $10, that's not bad, and I got four. Well, six. And two hanging ones, but one is for my cousin for Mother's Day and the other is for my Mom for Mother's Day even though it's totally in Callum's garden.

As we were leaving HD with all our garden stuff, it's hot as BALLS and windy and my hair was blowing all over, and I felt something touching my face. Figured it was my hair. Until I saw my own shadow, with this big old eight-legged scrawl next to it, and holy balls the biggest spider was hanging out of my hair. A wolf spider, I think. But I'm a friend to spiders, so I pulled it off by its web and set it down. I just thought that was a little freaky though, I mean oh man, this was one big sucker and it was crawling on my face for however long.

So anyway, we got home and I put sunblock and this new kind of tick repellent on Callum and me, and we went out to plant the garden. I let Callum water it, which was kind of a mistake, since he's a toddler and decides to just up and drop the hose like, “Yeah, done here.” So of course I get soaked and he gets soaked. But the four plants got planted (I did buy two little flowers, too – not sure where to plant them yet,) and then we went inside so I could hose him down in the sink, get the sunblock and bug repellent off of him. And that's when the PC Richards truck showed up, of course.

But like I said, it was quick and easy. I'll probably spend all day tomorrow after work catching up on laundry.

The rest of the next week leading up to Callum's birthday is all kinds of stressy, with a Dr. appointment - just an annual, but also I need a prescription for a mattress without chemicals in it, I mean I just want to buy one because I want one for Callum, but you need a prescription to order one, I wish I was kidding,) and blah blah. I just hate going to the doctor, is all. I guess everyone does.

Callum's birthday was so excellent last year, the weather, the company, his own happiness – I hope it can be just as nice this year. And of course there will be tons of pics.
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I've been trying to catch that stupid cat in the trap, so I can put down a garden without it turning into a giant litter box. But so far I've trapped a possum, and a terrified raccoon. Callum saw the raccoon in the trap the morning I found it, so he's been talking all about the “maccoom” since then. And of course the dogs are going out of their minds. (I did let the maccoom go. It scurried under the damn shed, where it's probably got a nice little home and a ton of babies who are also going to spend their lives trying to eat garbage. But I don't know what else to do with it.)

National Poetry Month is over and thank god for that. Almost all of my poems were forced and really sucky this year. I wasn't feeling it, and I'd almost always rather have been writing something else or even just doing something else. And to top it all off, I got a message from a curator at hitRECord, and would I be interested in writing something for a science-related radio show? HELL YES I WOULD. What's the deadline? MAY 1st. Oops! I really want to whip something up tonight before bed. I hope I can!

Right now there's a guy outside cleaning the leaves out of the yard. I went and hired someone because it's been YEARS, the place looks like trash, and I just don't have time. He's doing it for really cheap. So I keep going out there every half hour to bring him some food and water and ask if he wants a sandwich or something like that. It's not even going to be perfect; it's just getting rid of years worth of leaves. The rest of the junk (old Xmas trees, tons of weeds and brush,) is still going to be there. Two hours a day, I get. I use them to write. The yard doesn't even come in second. But it's still hard for me to ask for help – even if I'm paying.

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and then Callum's birthday. I generally don't do much for Mother's Day—really just get a little something for my Mom—but I really look forward to Callum's birthday. Err, all two of them so far. Last year's one was such a beautiful and fun day. I hope this one will be, too. I actually just bought him that stupid LeapPad thing. There are so many things I said I would never do as a Mom that I have to do now, like microwaving things. Honestly, sometimes you just run out of time and you're like, “Okay, I fail as a Mom today.” I don't necessarily think that getting a Leap Pad is a fail, though; it's not like he's going to use it all the time. He's got a little toy laptop, and even a few other LeapFrog products, like toy phones and tablets, and he only uses them once in a while. This one has WiFi, though, and I figured I'd get it for the airplane ride in August, at the very least. We still mostly run around the house, or outside, and play, and read. I'm happy to say that I'm not really exaggerating with that. We do a lot of things that don't involve watching TV or youtube. So I think a little WiFi toy will be okay; it's not going to eat all his time.

You know, the way Tumblr eats mine. ^_^ Although when I really do have to get something done, I get it done. Right now I've got a manuscript out to two people (well, a partial, and a full after a partial, which is REALLY EXCITING because hi, you liked those first 3 chapters enough to ask for more!) And I'm still revising the NaNo one like a bitch. Like a HUGE bitch, I mean I keep changing things all the time. Soon, I'm going to have to put it somewhere so that close, trusted people can look at it, and then put it into OWSFFH and let people really have a go. Do major, major revisions. And then start querying that one, too. That story doesn't even know what it is, yet. But I'm to the point where I'm dreaming about it, so I think that's good.

Yesterday was 70 degrees. Today it's back in the low 50s. Damn it, weather. TURN HOT.
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Right, so I made the corrections I wanted to make to the manuscript and sent it out yesterday. I'm to the point now where I don't even get that excited or nervous anymore. The last time an agent was really stoked about the full manuscript, she disappeared from the face of the freaking earth, apparently. :/ So I don't even really let myself think about it anymore.

I kind of am letting the other manuscript settle for a while. I wrote it like crazy in November for NaNo, then I went nuts for a few months re-reading it and dicking with this and that. I think I might have said this before, but I changed so much that my second draft was more of a first draft than the first draft. And now I have a ton of other things I want to change, but I have to walk away from it and think for a bit.

I promised myself I would rock National Poetry Month this year, but then all this stuff happened with the manuscript requests and pitch wars and etc. that I spent all my free time on those, and my poems have really sucked a big one. I mean not a huge deal, i'm not doing anything but putting them on HitRECord or anything, so.

Oh, speaking of, a few of my ideas / written pieces were chosen for a possible hR radio show, too. I really hope that doesn't fall through!

Umm, I cut my own hair. Why do I keep doing that? I mean, I keep doing it because I get bored and I don't want to pay someone else to do it for me, but still, I always screw it up and end up walking around with stupid looking bangs. Oh well. I'm going to dye them blue or something.

Callum's second birthday is in a few weeks. This is such a mind-bender to me because I still can't believe I had him. Like, he's still so new to me. I've played specific video games for longer than he's been around so far, you know? And I keep dreading when he turns two. Everyone who has kids keeps telling me how your darling little baby changes overnight when they turn two. Literally, they say. One day you have a sweet, generous, caring, cuddly little baby, and then one day, within two weeks of their second birthday, they wake up one morning and they are the devil and you're sitting there going, “Where did my child go?”

And I can kind of see it, because I mean obviously Callum is a toddler, and he wants what he wants when he wants it, and he is definitely a button-pusher (when I tell him he's a button-pusher, he presses his finger on my face and goes, “BEEP.”) We keep having the conversation about not standing on the chairs, (“Callum, Mommy said no standing...” “CHAYS!”) and yet every single day he has to stand on the chays. But I also sort of can't see it, because, for the most part, he seems so mellow as compared to other kids his age. My cousin said her boy was the most perfect angel until he turned 3. 3 and 4 were his really difficult years. I guess every kid is different.

But for now, we try to do fun stuff every day that I'm off from work, or at least get out of the house, even if it's just to the store. To Atlantis once every few weeks to look at the fish and feed the tur-tays. For walks around the neighborhood with 'Amo and 'Aku, and sometimes Aunt Chrissie, Gavin, Mason, Gram-Gram and Mom-mom. (I used to be Mom-mom, but now I'm Mommy and Meghan is Mom-mom.) Or on some of my days off we stay inside and put seeds into seeding cups (hollowed out orange halves.) It's been so stupid cold that we've been staying in a lot.

And I'm in such a rotten mood today that the fact that it's like 45 degrees is making me rage out. In fact, we have a freeze-watch tonight because apparently it's going back into the stupid 20s. Gross. This makes me want to punch something.

Well, enough bitching about the weather, I guess. Spring will get here one of these days. I hope it's in time for Callum's birthday, at least.
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Haku had a seizure at 4:10 this morning which totally sucks. And I really want to make this a big, long LJ entry full of updates, but I got a request for the full manuscript last night and I am going nuts because I decided last minute to change this one subplot, so I'm acting like a crazy person combing through every mention of it. It's minor enough that it can be done in a few hours, but I only have those two hours a day, and like 20 minutes of those are already done, so.

But this is a really cool agent. A different agent at this place was talking about fandom, and how she thinks agents should be open to people who were fanfic writers, and to email her if any of us fangirls wanted to chat. So we talked for a while and she asked for my query, even though she doesn't rep what I write. But she still liked the query, so she referred me to her associate, who then asked for a partial. When you query with a referral you'll almost always get a partial request, but then last night she asked for the full which is kinda huge?

So I'm flipping out and I have to go figure my nonsense out right now!
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It's been a long time since I've written a post about dreams, but this morning's one was such a doozy.

It starts with a TBS concert in my back yard, lucky me. I'm holding Callum while dancing along. Then I hand Callum to my Mom and go inside for more, IDK, food or something?

Once inside, suddenly I'm in this place I've dreamed about before. It's based, I guess, on a mix between the old Canoe Place Inn, and Jedediah Hawkins. But it's neither of those places, yet it's the exact same in every dream. So tonight I'm at some kind of dinner gathering. Eddie Reyes from TBS is there and so is my Mom. For some reason I go back outside (my yard again,) then in again. But when I come back, everyone inside is soaking wet and pissed off.

It turns out that this is some kind of “dinner mystery theater” thing, where someone gets fake-kidnapped and everyone else has to figure out who. Two someones, actually, because everyone is waiting for it to happen again. And everyone was wet because they had turned off the lights and sprayed everyone with a hose in order to confuse them while they took the first person away.

This totally annoys me because it's already late, and I want to get home and put Callum to bed. (Who's supposed to be watching him? I have no idea.)

So now we're waiting for them to come and take the second person, and it turns actually kind of scary, because we all know they're coming. So everyone starts to huddle at tables and hold hands, figuring that, this time, if we're all holding hands, they won't be able to get anyone. There are a bunch of clocks on the wall, like those creepy-ass cat clocks you used to see everywhere in the 80s, with the moving eyes and swishing tails. I'm looking at those clocks and I realize that the eyes are actually cameras and they're watching us.

So the lights go out again and everyone panics. We can still kind of see a little in the dim light, and I see this figure coming to our table. No one else seems able to see it. It comes closer, and I can see that it's a child.

And all of a sudden it makes perfect sense. This isn't a dinner-mystery. We're living in the world of Final Fantasy VIII, and this is a plan to protect little girls from the sorceress Ultimecia, who wants to possess them. The little girl walking around is one of those potential sorceresses who might get kidnapped and possessed. The people the who had been kidnapped weren't part of some dinner roleplay, they were taken to be temporary protectors of this little girl.

So, I know she's coming for me next, because they need someone who is not only a mother, and can't say “no” to protecting some kid, but who also knows the plot of FFVIII. The little shadow of a girl holds her arms up. I'm annoyed, but I know I have to do it, and it bothers me that no one else gets what's going on because they haven't played the game. So I let go of everyone's hand and I jump down from my table (it was on a kind of ledge,) and I scoop the little girl up and start running with her.

Outside, it's daylight, and I know I have to hurry, because the people inside are going to think this is part of the game and are going to come looking for me, to “rescue” me. But then they'll give our location away to Ultimecia and she'll kidnap and possess the girl. I only need to hide her until, IDK, Ultimecia passes to the next town or something, so a few hours.

So now I'm running outside the building, and there's like a swamp in the back that leads into the woods. There are paths all over the swamp, with little sheds and lean-tos and all kinds of places to hide that are actually kind of crappy. But I can hear all these people gaining behind me, and they are going to totally screw this up if they find us. So I'm running through this muck while holding this kid, upset because I'm wearing my favorite shoes and they're getting ruined.

Also traipsing through the swamp is Brendan Frye from Brick. I ask him if there are any good hiding places, and he points to one of those little garden sheds. With the people catching up, I end up running into a stupid little garden shed, cram myself and the kid in there, and lock the door.

Once I get in and lock the door, the little girl turns into a handful of feathers. (??) I think, 'Well, that's all right; it's a sorceress thing. They all do that.'

Outside, a bunch of mini-orcs or something like that are scurrying around, except they're not orcs, they're actually also protectors who are now guarding the garden shed so the people won't find us there.

One guy gets past them, he knows I'm in the shed and he breaks down the door to “rescue” me. I make this weird gesture with the feathers, sort of like, 'No, GTFO, you can't possibly understand because you're not a gamer!' But before he even gets what I'm telling him, one of the orc-things clubs him on the head and drags him away. I relock the door. This happens one more time with some other guy, same thing.

Then I hear someone come plowing through all the orc-things and I'm thinking, 'Oh no, now we're definitely going to get caught here.'

Sure enough, the guy rips the shed door off the hinges. He's got this reddish, rusty colored hair and a gap in his front teeth and he goes, 'There y'all are, missy! I done heard you's in need of a rescue,” in this ridiculously exaggerated accent, and I realize, WTF, this is Mater from Cars in human form. (Note: Callum likes to watch Cars with the same frequency he used to watch Frozen, which is, every single night. So that's why this is on my brain.) Human-Mater (well, there's something you don't read every day, unless you read a lot of SciFi,) picks me up, even though I'm showing him the stupid feathers like, 'Dude, no, these feathers are a little girl I'm trying to protect from Ultemecia and you are giving us away right now!”

But then I finally get away from him, only to see all the people from the building coming to look for me. And one of them says, “You do know it's just a game, right?”

And then Callum woke me up. It actually took a minute for me to get back into reality, that's how real and totally messed up it was.

That's last night's head-movie.
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I mean not ALL old people are smart, as evidenced by the old white guys in Congress. But, in this entry at least, old people are smart.

I took the dogs and Callum for a walk today because it's like, above 55 degrees I think. (Yeah. Slow-going this Spring for sure.) On our way back, I stopped to talk with my elderly neighbor, Frank. He's got to be in his 80s by now. WWII vet, was one of the guards of Hideki Tojo, after his arrest. (Tangent: Right before my Dad passed, Frank stopped to talk to him one day and told him that, after all these years, his gag order had ended and he could finally talk about Tojo. So he told him all kinds of stories about him, which is crazy.)

Anyway, I really like Frank, and his wife Yokou; they've been our neighbors since about forever. They are wonderful gardeners and, in Spring and Summer, are both outside every day, working until sundown, growing vegetables. So I always stop to chat with them when I see them.

Of course Sano was barking like a fool. Frank said, “He's just being a good watchdog for the baby.” Then he went on to talk about his dog, who had died this year. He said, “You know, I've seen a lot, being in the war and all. But nothing got to me like losing that little dog. The way she looked at me as she died was the hardest thing.” DDDDDD: Okay, pets and dogs really get to me to begin with, but old people being sad is the worst.

He asked how old Callum was now and all of that. I told him he was almost two, which I thought was a good time to teach him how to garden. So I might be asking him for some advice, because it's been a while since I'd had my own garden, and I've never done vegetables.

He said, “I'll help you out, but I think this year is going to be my last garden. I've some health troubles lately.”


I didn't want to pry and ask, what, exactly. But I think next year I'll see if he might still want to do his garden if he had some help. Then maybe I'll go over and do his weeding or watering, or whatever it is that needs to be done.

I told him how amazing it was that he was always the first one on the block who was out in the yard, getting things cleaned up, doing all the hard work etc. He said to me, “You have to stay active. Once you start sitting, you start to stiffen up. You stiffen up too much, then one day you stiffen up for good, if you know what I mean.”

Arrrghhhh you are a treasure, Frank, please don't be sick. DDDDD:

Oh, and in other octogenarian news, my beloved Auntie Kau'i turned 82 last month. Totally go check out her story, she is fabulous and fascinating. Still works full time, too, because she loves her work. Life goals.
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Haku had a seizure this morning at 2:30. *Sigh* it's not even a month since the last one. I was really hoping for a longer stretch than that.

Yesterday the weather was decent enough for the first walk of the season. That's me, Callum, my Mom, Chrissie, Gavin, Mason, and my two dogs. I was really pleased with how well the dogs did. Sano is on Rimadyl now and I think it's really helping him. When we got home, I heard this screeching noise that I recognized right away, and I shouldn't have even looked, but I know what it sounds like when a hawk grabs one of my grackles and it was just instinct. I call them “mine” even though I haven't raised and released a grackle in years, because they're probably all related to the ones I did release. Also because we feed them every day. Callum particularly likes going outside with a container of peanuts and yelling, “KEY-NUTS!” to the birds, and then watching them through the door as they come get their key-nuts.

But anyway, this one little hawk has been living in the trees next to my house for years. I'm like 93% sure it's a Cooper's hawk. And like, I get it, circle of life, hawk's gotta eat too, probably got some babies on the way just like all the other birds. But UGH I hate it when they take one of mine, and mostly I hate when I see it happen.

Aside from that. I went to Lowe's today and got a 4X4 pre-made garden bed, and some organic soil. Now I just have to seed some veggies and plant them. Well actually, no, two more things. I need to get the hose fixed so I can water the garden. The plumber guy lives down the street and he's really nice. He's offered a barter: He'll do some plumbing work around the house in exchange for the old Caddy. You know: Shinigami? My beloved car that is sitting in the driveway, rusting and rotting. Like, I want it to have life again, but I can't afford to fix it and yet I can't seem to let it go, either. But two years ago I made a short video about the Caddy, and how I felt attached to it and had a hard time dealing with it emotionally. That video made it onto JGL's “Don Jon” DVD as an extra. And for some reason that made me feel better about it, just putting it out there. So I think maybe I'm ready to let the Caddy go, but only if I know that guy who gets it (the plumber's son,) is going to fix it up. If he's going to junk it, then I can't make that barter.

The other thing I need to do is get a trap for the stupid cat in the yard. First of all, I should have done that last year, because it takes dumps all over the place and Sano is always trying to eat it. Which is totally dangerous for dogs. It's also the same cat who killed all of my birds that one year. He was actually trapped back then, but the bastard got away. I legitimately so HATE this cat, but I also don't want it to die. So I need to trap it, so that it won't crap all over my garden. And then it can live in a shelter or something, IDK, eat real cat food instead of killing birds.

And then I'll be good to go.

Oh, but I have to stock on on IR2535 first, because I'm not going to be out there planting things and getting ticks on me.

Primarily, though, it has to actually warm up and act like Spring out there.


Apr. 13th, 2015 03:31 pm
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Whew, so. It's April, which means that I've been writing a poem every day (LOLOLOLOL let's not even pretend that I'm putting any effort into it this month, because it's not even halfway through and I'm already fed up,) and then I wasted a bunch of time on Pitch Slam, which I didn't win. Oh well. I shouldn't say it was a waste, because I did get some good (and positive) feedback, and I did make some new writer acquaintances. So that's been nice.

Here's a thing. Every year my house gets overrun with ants, right? And when my ex-boss was pregnant she was like, “I can't stand the smell of ants!” and I had no idea wtf she was talking about. Then I got pregnant and I killed one (I don't like killing things, but ants HAVE TO GO, okay,) and I could not get past the smell. And ever since then, I can't un-smell them. They are all over my computer desk and I just put down a gross ant trap, and they're flipping everywhere right now, and all I can smell is ants. How gross is that.

I haven't even started my garden yet, and I meant to have it at least seeded by April. One of my clients told me that the “new thing” in gardening is to seed things in orange peel halves. Then when the peel rots, just put the whole thing into your garden bed and it acts as fertilizer. I don't have any oranges rn and I haven't even bought the stuff for my garden.

Which, I really should do before it gets too warm and there are ticks everywhere, because apparently these days we have a SUPER disease called “powassan,” which is way worse than Lyme because it can kill you within a few hours. Wow. Rad. Stocking up on IR3535 here. No but really, it is so unfair that we have diseases like this, I mean how are we even supposed to go out the door?

You might have guess that I'm currently sick with a rotten cold that Callum is about five minutes away from catching. I got it from said ex-boss and her kid, who came in sick the other day. WHY. Why would you do that?

So I'm in a totally crappy mood, I don't like how the light looks today (even though I usually love springtime light,) it's depressing, my throat is burning like a bitch and water is like, evaporating when it hits my throat, gross. And I'm totally disillusioned with my own writing, like just reading my own BS back and being like, “Just stop, you're ridiculous.”

Which is something every writer feels now and then, I guess.

Okay, I'm going to go walk around the house, coughing and pretending to straighten up.
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TREE FROGS. I heard the tree frogs tonight, and you know what that means. Spring! Actual spring, like with warm weather on the way. Tree frogs know what's up. If they're out there peeping their peeps, then it's about to get a smidge, a tad, possibly a mite warmer up this bitch.

Today was exciting: In the 90 minutes that my Callum napped, I entered #PitchSlam on Twitter (maybe win some more critiques?) and sent off the query/synopsis/10 pages to agent Connor Goldsmith, for the critique I won from him, too.


Then I did my poem-every-day entry on HitRECord. Gah, why did I take on National Poetry Month again? I knew it was going to be a crunch. And it is; it’s so crunchy right now.

Today’s poem sucked a monkey testicle because I only had about twenty minutes to bang it out. That's the thing about the 30 day poetry challenge, because I did it last year, too. Most of them are pretty awful. But, out of thirty, I get 4 or 5 good ones that I really like. So I guess it's worth it.

Yesterday I took the dogs to the vet for their yearly checkup. What a big production this is now that I have a toddler. Just getting everyone from the car to the office is a circus act. But both dogs were good, and Callum was good, too. He was actually really nervous, so he sat on my lap the whole time, watching the dogs getting their exams and looking really worried about it. “'Amo? 'Aku?” I tried showing him that the dogs were being so good, they weren't crying or anything (because Callum FREAKS OUT as soon as he sees the nurse or doctor, because he knows that shots are coming. :/ )

But anyway, Haku's heart murmur was about the same – no worse, which is really good news, and the doc said that his heart rate was nice and slow, a sign of good health. Sano is a bit deaf (which I knew,) but his eyes and cognitive function are awesome for a dog his age. The only real problem is his worsening arthritis, and mostly in that front leg where the dog bit him about twelve years ago (and Dr. Dickwhistle / ex boss said not to x ray it, so we didn't know until years later that it had actually been broken. I swear, that man has such bad karma coming his way.)

Well, I wanted to put Sano on some mild anti inflammatory so that he can get up the stairs with more ease, and start going on walks again, but we had to do the bloodwork to make sure his liver could handle it. And, then the general, yearly bloodwork, to check Haku's one kidney, and Sano's platelets.

Today the vet called and things are looking good for both (*KNOCK ON WOOD*) Haku's kidney values are actually improved from last year. His liver value is high because of the phenobarb/other seizure meds, but significantly lower than it should be. Vet said that whatever I'm doing is working, and to keep doing it. (For those wondering: the secret is milk thistle every day. Both dogs get it in a high dose. Also, vit. C, CoQ10, coconut oil pills, and MSM/Glucosamine.)

What a load off. I stress about it every year. But that really made my day.

I have work tomorrow, an early day. A 90 minute treatment and then staying on for a bit to train the new Saturday receptionist. Then home to write my 4th poem, and who knows, maybe even get a quick look at the new novel I'm writing. (Wrote. Still writing. IDK. It's a dripping mess but I fell in love with my cast, so that's a good sign.)

One thing I keep meaning to add because I don't want to forget it. Callum is obsessed with the mail truck; he has to watch it go by every day, and he has to yell and scream about how exciting it is. Today, we were even outside with the dogs when he saw it go by, so he was yelling at the top of his lungs. The only thing is, he calls the mail truck the “whale-cock” and I just think that's brilliant. I'm not even going to correct him.
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This winter won't die. We got another six inches of snow last night. Why won't it go tf away? I just don't understand! It's snowed every single week since January. I'm so tired of it; it's actually making me feel really blue. I need to feel some Spring ffs.

I have a little post-concert blues, too, maybe? Which is so damn dumb, because every time I buy tickets to a show (and I only ever go to see this one band, like, what, once a year? Or less?) I'm so stoked, but then once the month of the concert arrives I'm like, “I hate this! Why did I buy tickets? Now I have to leave the house and I hate leaving the house. Ugh, I'm going to get home so late and complain complain complain...!” But once I'm there I'm all “This is so rad, I can't wait till they come back again.” (Although, Adam Lazzara, Get Your Shit Together 2015.)

What else. I have, like, one chapter I want to add to this novel I'm writing and I just keep looking at that blank page. Because I know I'm probably going to cut it out or at least cut it down by half. I'll probably end up cutting a few more chapters, even, and adding different ones. It's so insane that I write tens of thousands of words knowing that about half of them are in vain. Isn't that awful? To be writing something and going, “this is so ridic, I know this is bad even as I'm writing it, and yet I still need to put this down on paper.” (Well, not paper, but still.)

I think I already know what I'm going to do for NaNo next year, too, actually. I have two ideas, one that I've been mulling on for a while, and I think it's a pretty good idea, though I haven't connected with it yet, or really thought the characters through. So I know what it's going to be about, but I don't have any plot in mind. And the other would be a story about this set of characters I've always piddled around with, but never really done anything with. I don't have a plot to put them in, or even an idea. I just know who they are. So, next November, I'll pick one of those and see where it goes.

Work continues apace, I guess. Ish. On and off. Last week was good, this week was slow. It's nice to have that little desk job, knowing I'll at least have cash in hand every week.

So what should I do with my two hours a day in April? Should I do poem-a-day, or nah? Or should I just type away on this manuscript and try to see what's up? I have to pick one. I loved doing P-A-D last year, but I wasn't writing a novel then. I might not fit it in this year.

April, April – how can April be next week when it's still this blasted cold and there's all this godforsaken snow on the ground?
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In other news! Last night I went to see Taking Back Sunday with my best pal Kim, and my cousin Meg. They played on Long Island, and, anyone who knows me also knows I love TBS, and therefore probably also knows that TBS is from Long Island. So like it's kind of a big deal if you know what I mean.

They played in Huntington, which is pretty far from where we all live (we are Eastern LI gals, and LI is, as its name suggests, hella long.) So, by the time I got my kid up from his nap, got my dogs fed, and we picked Kim up from her house and stopped for dinner, we arrived at the venue just in time to see the second opening band, The Menzingers. They were good, I have to say.

TBS went on earlier than I had expected, which was another pleasant surprise. Okay, I hate to admit this, but since having a kid, I get super tired and if I'm not in bed by 11 I get cranky, knowing how early I'll be up the next day. And having to drive all the way back from Huntington (though, we took Meghan's car since hers doesn't have a car seat and was more comfy, so she drove!) was going to be a drag. (We ended up getting home around quarter after twelve, which is not too bad, really.)

These days, they open the show with the “Preface” from “Happiness Is” album, and then right into Flicker Fade. I love love love Flicker Fade. It has its own meaning to me, which is probably completely removed from the meaning it has to the writers of the song. (It's kind of my novel-writing song. “Destroy what you create.” :D )

There was a time when I would go to concerts, come home and stay up until 3 or 4 AM writing up the setlist and talking about every single song. But it's like, a whole entire day later, I hardly got any real sleep last night, Callum's going to be awake in a half an hour, and I can barely remember the entire setlist. They did all the old classics, even Timberwolves At New Jersey, which I love, but rarely get to hear them play live. Last time I saw them they played My Blue Heaven, which is my personal favorite song (and in my top ten best songs ever,) but they didn't fit that one in this time.

Our seats were in the second-to-last row, all the way on the end. I mean, the seats were actually pretty bad. The VIP area totally blocked my entire view of stage left. Once in a while I could see the top of John Nolan's head, if the Embracing Couple in the VIP area moved apart once in a while.

Oh, and The Bros were there, too. The Bros are at every concert I've ever been to, and probably every concert you've ever been to as well. You know, those 3-5 guys who meet up at the venue all, “BRO! BRO!” and then they drink beer and mosh about. Well I mean, of course there were tons of Bros in the moshpit, but there were four Bros in the VIP area, too. I usually don't like The Bros because of how they trample everyone else, but The Bros in the VIP area were so harmless, and were having so much fun, I kind of warmed to them. They didn't bother anyone, and didn't throw any beer. What they did do was dance to every song, and sometimes hug each other during the really old songs. They were so nice, and actually so endearing, I'm not even sure I can classify them as The Bros.

But there were Bros in the pit for sure. At one point, there was some kind of kerfluffle that got really loud. Adam (Lazzara, the singer, which you should know, and if you don't know that, who are you and why are you on my LJ? ;D ) briefly quit his on-stage bantering mid-sentence and asked for the house-lights to be turned up. Turns out, some Bro had lost his shoe. Adam: “Uhh... okay? IDGAF? I thought someone had died out there or something ffs!” And then, after that, other Bros held up their shoes.

Kim and Meghan had a blast watching all the crowdsurfers.

Me? I was the only jackass standing up in the mezzanine. Two girls came down from the bar area and stood on the stairs behind me and danced a little. I turned to them and said, “I'm so glad I'm not the only one up here dancing.” And one of them grabbed my and and said, “I'm glad, too. I'm just happy that someone else up here knows all the words.” High-five, Bro-sis.

I can't sit down during a TBS show though, you know? When you're seeing a band you've loved for so long, and you know every word to every song, and the songs mean a lot to you, you're just going to be the one jackass standing up in the mezzanine and dancing your goddamn fool head off. That was me.

I remember the first time I saw TBS, what, ten years ago? I went with my friend Brittany, and I had only gone to see the then-opening band, which was 30STM. I didn't want to see some other band I hadn't really heard of, but I couldn't leave her there by herself. When they started to play, I realized objectively that they were a good live band. And, by and by, I started really listening, and getting into it.

It was Adam, you know, once he started talking, that made me finally say, “Okay, this is different.” I've said it before. He doesn't do that whole “YEAH YOU BASTARDS I WANNA HEAR YOU ALL SCREAM GRRRR RAAAARRRWWW ROCK N ROLLLLLL!!!!!1111” thing that I think is so dumb and overplayed. He's weird and dancey and stuttery and personable. I remember, back then, that one of the Pirates movies had just come out, whichever one it was, and I later said to my friend, “Was that guy playing at being Jack Sparrow or something?” And she was like, “That's how he's always been.”

Meghan—who's seen them a number of times as well—commented the same thing last night. I leaned over to her and Kim and said, “He's so different to other frontmen, right? With the quirky dance moves?” and Meg said, “He's always reminded me of, if like, Jack Sparrow was in a band.”

That's who A-Lazz* is. He's Jack Sparrow in a band.

I want to post a video, but I don't have any good ones. Someday I'll take a video of TBS where I'm not dancing around like a jackass, but last night was not that night.

*I go on and on about him like he's my favorite. Eddie Reyes is my favorite, because he's the low-key guitarist who started and maintained the band for all these years. It's just, Adam does all the talking and mic-swinging, so.

ETA I remembered another funny thing! Before the concert even started, just as the lights went down, the guy in the bar-area behind us yelled out, “SHE SAID DON’T!” Which, like. :DDDDD
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Lots to talk about today; might have to make it into TWO WHOLE POSTS.

Last week I won a query/first 5 pages critique from the agent Uwe Stender. This guy has an actual fandom among writers, and now I understand why. First of all, it was really generous of him to offer his time to writers seeking agents. He doesn't even rep what I write, but he did the critique anyway (because writing is writing, you know?)

Second, he is *so dang nice. * In his email, he explained that he wanted this to be a nice experience, and critique is meant to help. (I actually enjoy any critique, regardless of how it's worded, whether it's nice and “cushy” or straight up, “No, this doesn't work.”) But it was still kind of him to say so.

Critique—especially from people in publishing—is gold, yo. *GOLD *.

The gist of what he told me went for both the query and the first five pages, and basically it amounted to: too much world-building, not enough character-building. And that makes so much sense to me, because I have gotten requests for this ms, and the rejections I've gotten have usually been along the lines of, “I like your writing, but I can't connect/it's too distant/character didn't draw me in.” And I never really understood why that was. (And agents don't have time to sit there all day explaining themselves and helping you make your novel better. That's the writer's job.) But with this critique, just that observation showed me exactly why that is.

About a year ago, I asked another writer friend for help with the query, and she said that there wasn't *enough* world-building. She was like, “But where is this? When is this? What's the place like? What led up to this? These are things we need to know.” So I think I went a little nuts with that. Also, he told me the query was too long. Stick to the character and the conflict.

Looking back, and looking at my other work, I realize that I do over-focus on the world of the story. And the funny thing is, I'm always afraid that I'm not doing it enough. That I'm leaving blank spaces where the setting should be, and that readers will feel lost in the book unless I hand-hold them through the landscape. But I see now that that's not true. And I should trust the reader more.

I've also reined in my characters like crazy, and that's because I know I'm a hugely effusive, emotional, fangirl-bait writer. When I do first drafts, I go crazy with the characters and I know I'm a little bombastic and overwrought. By the 4th, 5th, 6th revision, I've often cut back a lot of the actual character, because I don't want to end up sounding like a fangirl of my own creations. But now it seems that maybe I should let them breathe a little more.

The good thing is that, even though it was only a 5 page / query critique, I can apply this to the rest of the novel, and to the one I'm working on now.

He also did say that, even though the first five pages had those specific problems, he still thought the writing was really good. And let me tell you, that is so great to hear.

And now, it's time to get to work!
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Haku had a seizure this morning at 6, boo. It seems to follow the pattern of having two within two weeks, and then going a few months without, so here's hoping for that next few months.

First day of Spring. Snow. Boo.

Since we got that voucher to fly last time we came back from Disney (since we got bumped,) and we already have passports and Callum can still go for free, we're heading back in August. This time just me, Mom, Callum and Meg. (Trying to see if Spencer and Natasha can come, but it doesn't look like it.) And I'm trying to hit up every deal, price cut and freebee I can find. But the truth is that this, like almost every other thing I do, is going on a credit card. (And the tips that I put away, if I have anything left over at the end of the week. I'm talking about like, 5 bucks a week.)

But I'm the one doing the planning this time and I've never done that before. It's *hard.* You actually need a vacation when you're doing planning because it's so ridiculous. When I was a kid, you'd buy plane tickets, get a hotel room, and then just pants it when you got there. Eat wherever and whenever, go on whatever rides you felt like. Now, you have to book dining reservations six months out. You have to, or you won't eat (or will end up eating fries from food stands every day.) I'm already a month late and I can't get restaurants anywhere to take us. >_< Not only that, but you now have to book which rides you want to ride, down to the hour. I mean, you could wait on 2 hour lines, but that's not happening when you have a toddler. So for things like meeting characters (and I know Callum's going to want to see Elsa,) and going on rides, you have to actually book those. Six months in advance. And obviously, those things you want to do have to match up with whatever park you're eating at that day, so that you don't have to “park-hop.”

I actually hate the way they do it now.

But I mean, I spent my childhood and some of my adulthood there, kind of growing up, learning, meeting people, and all of that kind of thing. I want to give Callum that chance, too. If he gets older and decides he hates it or wants to go somewhere else, that's what we'll do.

So anyway, today, instead of re-writing that one chapter I wanted to do (and note to self: Add the Walking People around various parts of the story so that they don't come out of nowhere and aren't as suspect when you first see them, also make a sort of community in the tunnels since there are no park rangers left etc.) I have to spend my two hours on the Disney website, fighting to get tables for three adults and a baby.

It's that either/or that gets you, with kids. I can do this important thing, or that other important thing.

Well, off to do the thing!
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So I did mention, in that last post, that our clinic is under new management and I've been doing some desk work. Nothing major, just answering the phones, booking appointments, taking payments, that kind of thing. Basically the stuff I was doing before, only officially now and for more time. It's pretty straight forward stuff. I get to sit at the desk and wait for the phone to ring. I'm allowed to bring my laptop, so that I'm not just sitting there while the phone *doesn't* ring. And that's nice. I could load my first draft into google docs and do a lot of editing and stuff there, but then I'd have to copy and paste it all back into my Scrivener at home, and what if I make a bunch of small edits in different chapters? That just seems like a lot of work.

I guess I can call it a second draft now, in a way. I cut a chapter or two and did some minor line edits. I added a chapter here and there. But this second draft is more like a first draft than the first. It's clunky and crazy, with random notes to myself like “PUT SOME TENSION HERE FFS” and “DON'T FORGET THERE ARE MILLIONS OF DEAD PEOPLE, SO...” You know, it's just so frustrating because it took so much work to get that first novel of mine as sparkly as it is now, so much work and so much TIME. This new one seems a million miles away from that and I just want to kick it. At least when I wrote the first draft of the first one I was like, “This is genius!” But writing this one is constantly like, “OMG this sucks, you know how bad this is, there are notes everywhere and you just changed the main character's name for the fifth time, THIS IS TOO HARD, I CAN'T FIX IT.”

But I still go back to it every day, so.

Umm. What else did I used to write about in here? I forgot how much practice it took to write in LJ all the time.

The weather. It wants to be warm out. I can feel it really trying to be warm. Like, when you drive to work in the AM and you have the heat on, but then coming home, if the sun peeks out, you have to shut it off, and maybe even turn on the air a little, but only a little. And tons of rain, which beats the hell out of snow, thanks.

I want to have a garden this year. I've only done minor gardening before, like just flowers and the easy plants, berries and such. But this year I want to do a real, organic veggie garden. I don't know where to start. I mean, aside from Home Depot. Gardening seems pretty simple, but I know actual gardeners, and there are all these tricks about what to plant where, this goes next to that, this needs acidic soil, this needs more water than the other thing, and how do I keep the dogs from whizzing on it, etc. Also, how to keep ticks tf away from me because that's a huge issue for me.

I also want to build a little walkway to the pool. And, you know, actually open the pool.

I don't see how I'm going to do all of this, or ANY of this, in the two hours that Callum takes his naps. Although, with gardening, he could come outside with me. (But then there's that tick thing again. Unless you live on Long Island, or, IDK, maybe Connecticut, you can't possibly know just how bad the deer tick population is around here and how many people get Lyme and RMSF and those are two really awful things that you seriously do not want to have.)

Now I'm pissed off about ticks.

Someone tell me what to make for dinner tonight.
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I am reeeeeally going to try to do the lj challenge and revitalize my journal. BUT, first let me explain why this is so hard. In one word: TODDLER. Callum is at that age where he will happily follow me around as I do chores, like laundry, cleaning, vacuuming (in fact, the vacuum is his favorite thing; he's obsessed, always asking to BAKOOM.) But he won't sit and play if I'm sitting at the computer. So the only time I really have online is the two hours when he takes his nap, and one hour (if I'm lucky) after he goes to bed – because often I'm doing other things then, too, like looking around on Tumblr and watching TV if we're being honest.

Those two hours while he's napping? Well, I did NaNo this year. I hit the 50K mark about 2/3 of the way through November, and then spent till January finishing it. And then I wanted to change this and that, add chapters, cut chapters, etc. So basically, that's what I do while he's sleeping. Along with still querying my last novel, too, and joining some cool writing sites like writerpitch etc. And stalking agents. Lots of stalking.

But let's try for a quick catch-up.

This winter has sucked, weather-wise and money-wise (often the two have been connected, e.g. frozen pipes, busted car, that kind of junk.) Last winter we got hit with a snowstorm around every Saturday. This year we got hit every Sunday-Monday and/or Thursday. WTF is that about. I caved, and bought a teeny snowthrower thing for a hundred bucks. Worth it.

I also, unrelated, bought myself and Jo-chan and Glassworker tix to see Taking Back Sunday, coming up next week. Like, I'm so peeved at Adam Lazzara right now, I mean get your shit together, you're a grown man with two kids. And I'm anxious as hell to be driving out to effing Huntington to go see them. I'm so stupid about things like that. I had major anxiety the last time I went to see them, when Callum was 6 months old and it was the first time I'd left him for anything other than work. I've definitely done that since then. But I still have this freaked out feeling like, what if I get punished for doing something fun?

Anxiety is ridiculous. (Aside: I've learned that a phobia of being happy for fear of karmic retribution has a name, and it's called “cherophobia.” Thanks for that, Tumblr. Sincerely. It helps, knowing what a thing is called and that it exists.)

Work has been a little slow, but I know it's going to pick up, since we're under new management. My Mom's very good friend bought the clinic. I took a few hours a week at the desk, too, just to make a little extra and to answer the phones, book some clients and such. I'm also going to be teaching a class or two upstairs, so that will help, too.

Callum is at that really sweet age, just shy of two, where he's not “terrible” yet, and is just (mostly) delightful and funny. He has his moments for sure, pushing my buttons and seeing what he can and can't do. If I could freeze time at any age, it would be now. He loves cars, trucks, Frozen (especially Elsa,) birds, vacuums, water, Uptown Funk. He can name a few birds, like doves (“bove,”) cardinals, (“amcraw” ??) chickadees (“kickees,”) juncos (“duckos,”) and he can do their calls, too. Ha, of course my kid would be doing bird calls before the age of two. We have to listen to the Frozen soundtrack every night during dinner. But he will gladly sing along with Cab Calloway while I'm cooking dinner, especially the song “Oh Grampa,” which he thinks is “Oh Grandma.” “Ohhhhhhh Gram-gram!” He also loves Lightning McQueen, which he calls “Keen keen keen.” he speaks so well, knows his letters, but still struggles with colors and numbers. He insists there are ten of everything, and that everything is orange.

He's asleep now, and I actually have a list of new agents to stalk, which I set up last night in about five different tabs. And the last two chapters of that NaNo novel to look through, too. (So far I'm calling it “Blue Sphere” or something along those lines. We'll see.) Oh yeah, and I do have a full and a partial out now. So, fingers crossed on that.

Today is Sunday, so, tomorrow is a few hours at the desk and a few clients, and then Tuesday is more of the same.

I will really really really try to be on LJ more, and definitely I will try to keep up with my f-list more!
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I hate that the only reason I use this LJ any more is to record Haku's seizures. >_< I need to be here more. I say that every time but then I don't.

Typical seizure, except his last one was Dec 28th, so it's been a while (yay?) and he was really, really confused afterwards.
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See, I'm awake at this hour because Haku just had a seizure. :/ It's not too long since his last one, either. Just a few weeks. But they seem to follow this pattern - so maybe we can get a few months before the next one, I hope?
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It's about two months since Haku's last seizure. This one came around 6:45 this morning. >_< Let's hope for another few months between!
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It used to be that, during a Disney trip, I would sit down every other night or so and write in my LJ. This time, I just had enough time ot post my pics to FB before crashing. (And, to check Tumblr, let's not lie.)

Tonight I realized that I hadn't even written anything about Callum's first Disney trip, and that it was already, like, three weeks in the past. I'm doing NaNoWriMo for the first time this year, so that's pretty much all the writing I've been doing, and it eats up almost all of my free time, which is the two hours when Callum naps in the afternoon.

But it's 10:40 PM right now and he's in bed, so let me just do a little catch-up, and mention the things about Disney that I want to always remember.

Callum was terrific on the airplane. He was only 17 months old at the time, so it might be harder next year. But he was great. It was me, him, my Mom and Jo-Chan (Meg,) on the plane. We got there super early, to check the carseat and stroller, and then he and Meg played in the airport till it was time to board. He slept for almost the entire flight, only to wake during the landing to point to his ears and say “pop pop pop!” But I'd told him to expect that, so he wasn't scared or anything.

Our first night there, we went to Chef Mickey's for dinner. The first character Callum “met” there was Mickey. My Dad would have approved of that. It was also the only character he wasn't afraid of (until Stitch, a few days later.) Callum tasted his first apple juice and cheese sauce. OMG, we ate so badly there, but of course, it's vacation, so.

So it was Chrissie and Timmy, their two boys, SB and his adorable GF Nat, and my uncle and his GF, and of course, the four of us. We went to the Kingdom on the monorail right from dinner, and went right to the Haunted Mansion. I had already been reciting the whole thing to Callum since just about when he was born, so when he heard it in real life, he just looked at me like, “Mom, wtf is this?!” He wasn't scared at all.

I really thought I was going to bust out crying while watching the Main Street Electrical Parade. That was one of the first things I saw in Disney when my parents took me when I was ten. And my Dad loved it, and so did my Gran. But I had “practiced” watching it on youtube, so I was all right. Also, this little, older, British lady was talking to me and to Callum, and she was sweet, so I was distracted and handled it just fine. Callum liked it, as much as he was able to, but fell asleep right at the end.

As for me, the next day I got to spend my hour (and maybe more?!) at Mitsukoshi. We also ate there this time, which is something I always wanted to do. Callum had fun with his cousin Mason, who sat across from each other, as we waited for food.

Actually, Callum had fun with Mason pretty much every day. The two of them were like mind-twins during the whole trip. Mason is 11 months older than Callum, but they're close in height, and apparently they like a lot of the same things, like: Mickey Mouse, lightsabers, sippy cups, snacks, and escaping the hotel room to run down the hall together. O_o It was really a joy to watch them play together every morning before breakfast.

Oh, we stayed at Timmy's Dad's timeshare, which was really beautiful. It had its own kitchen, two bathrooms and everything.

The Halloween party was probably my favorite night, apart from Epcot and Mitsukoshi. Callum and I were Pubert and Morticia again. Chrissie looked absolutely beautiful as a witch. But the best, I think, were Spencer and Nat, who went as post-Hulk Bruce Banner, and Lady!Thor. We stayed for the (truly epic) Halloween parade, went on Big Thunder Mountain railroad (Mom stayed with Callum while I went on, and I stayed with him and took him to the little playground by Splash Mountain while she went on.) Then, while I went on Space Mountain, Callum had a huge meltdown as my Mom was minding him. She calmed him down by showing him the Peoplemover and saying, “THERE IT IS!” every time it went by. This led to him mimicking a high-pitched voice every time he saw any train-like thing go by, especially the monorail. It devolved into him just squealing each time he saw a monorail, whether it went overhead, or he saw it from the car, or from the line to get on one, or anything. It makes me a little blue that, by the time we go again next year, he'll probably be able to say “monorail,” and I won't get to hear him do that again.

Oh, I should mention, too, that he got his first haircut at the Magic Kingdom barber shop. I was so nervous, because I liked his long hair and I thought I wouldn't even recognize him with short hair. But it turned out really adorable, and he was excellent through the whole thing. (Of course, they gave him a toy to play with. And when he got bored with that, I gave him my phone to play with.)

Also, we got to see Auntie Kau'i. I thought I was going to cry when I saw her pretty face. And she met Callum and said how handsome he was. Pretty much all he said to her was, “Et?” which is how he asks who, or what, anyone or anything is. “Look at that gorgeous face,” she said. Usually, I get to spend a lot more time with her, and take her Hula class, and go up and dance at Tambu and all of that. But it's different when you have a kid, you know? Maybe when he's older. And when there's more time, like an extra day or something.

My other favorite night was actual Halloween. That day, we went to Animal Kingdom (ehh, not a favorite of mine,) and Callum and Mason played in the Boneyard while we waited for the others to ride one of the rides that I don't like. We had lunch, then SB and I waited while Callum napped and everyone else went on Kali River Rapids (we both hate to get wet and be miserable for the rest of the day!) SB and I drank mango margaritas and I bought a skirt. (It is insane, to me, that I went here with SB when he was Callum's age. And now we're drinking margaritas together outside of the rides. What even is that?) Then, we went on Expedition Everest, which was more awesome than I remembered. Then we took the kids on the safari, which they liked. Right after that, AK closed (they close really early,) so it was off to dinner, and then an early night as we all had a party at the timeshare.

The party was one of the best parts. All the kids were playing together, while SB and Timmy barbecued some stuff downstairs. Callum and I had some baked potatoes. Later, when the kids went to bed, we broke out the wine. Earlier that day, Meg had been hiding in the laundry closet to jump out and yell “BOO!” to Callum and Mason. But instead, Timmy went by, and about jumped out of his skin when he saw her there. So that night we were talking about that, and we had also been on the subject of how everyone was freaking out about Ebola, but in reality it was really hard to catch etc. and I somehow ended up commenting that if Meg had been Ebola, Timmy would have it by now. For some reason, this made my Mom, Meg, and Chrissie and I about piss ourselves laughing. Maybe it was the wine, but we were practically falling off our chairs with cracking up. Then, later, Timmy asked me if I'd like some more cheese and crackers, and I told him, “no thanks, I'm potatoed out.” And Meg replied that he hadn't even asked me about potatoes, and then she got started laughing.

Much later than that, SB, Meg, and Nat and I were talking about Sephiroth, and One-Winged Angel and all of that, and we started theorizing about how a person with one wing would even fly. I demonstrated how I thought that would go, and SB recorded it. I have not seen that recording, but I can guarantee that going to haunt me someday.

Oh, of course, we also went to MGM. Callum wasn't too fond of the Movie Ride, and there's really not much for him to go on, there. He did enjoy running around the “Frozen” store and playground thingie. (And this was even before he saw his beloved Elsa in the movie and became obsessed with everything Frozen. Yes, we are in that vortex right now.) And he loved the Honey I Shrunk The Kids playground, too. Me, I got to go on Tower of Terror, and eat a candy apple – but I missed Rock N Roller Coaster. :/ I spent a lot of that day talking to Nat, actually, about movies that we liked, music, and life in general. I have to say, she is pretty special.

The best part, for me, was seeing Callum see everything for the first time. I had expected him to be off his game, get grouchy and overtired and maybe even upset. But he only had one real meltdown to speak of. It was on the monorail, and it was because I put him to sit on the seatback to look out the window. WTF. That set him off for about five minutes. LOL IDEK. But he was fine right after that, and, even though he missed about half of each nap, and was in bed about an hour later than usual, he still had so much fun.

When we wake up in the morning, sometimes he'll grab my shirt and say, “Diz-din?” As if it's just so easy to go back there anytime. And he must think, why not? We go back to Atlantis all the time. We go to the park all the time, and to the store, and all those other places. Why not juts get back on the Great Big Airplane Way High Up In The Sky, take a two-hour nap, and be in Diz-din with everyone?

On the way home, our flight got delayed for four hours. The airline gave us each a $100 voucher to fly within the year. Which, the plane tickets were about $120 to begin with. And Mom and I already have annual Disney passes. I mean, it's almost like we have to go back. But, it looks like the next time it might just be Callum, me, my Mom, and Meg. Everyone else has different things going on this year. It's really hard to get that many people off work and out of school and with enough money all at once. Which also makes me sad. A big part of the fun, for me, is to be with the whole family. But, Callum loves anything having to do with Meghan, and he'll pretty much go along with anything as long as she's there (and Mom-mom, and Gram-gram.)

Of note: The actual most expensive part of the whole trip was boarding the dogs. I might split them up next time, as much as I hate to do that, and put Sano in non-med-boarding, just to save some of the money. Like, it kills me that you can get a hotel room in actual Disneyworld, for four people, for about a hundred bucks a night. And a 5'X8' run with two dogs crammed into it together costs the same exact effing thing. WTF even is with that?

Well, anyway. The point of this entry is to talk about the little things that went on in Callum's first trip to Disney. The thing to take away from this is that he loved it, more than I thought he would. And he wants to go back; he remembers it, more than I thought he would. And, my Dad and Gran would have totally approved of this trip. I knew it was going to be super emotional, and really tough in some places (it was: they played my Dad's favorite, When You Wish Upon A Star, as we were leaving MK for the last time,) but I think everyone handled it way, way better than I expected.

Shoot, I wanted to upload the video of everyone laughing their face off that night, but it's on my laptop. Dang it. And so are most of the pics, too. They're all on my FB, but that's private. Okay, have this one pic, then, of Callum playing in the water fountains at Epcot (his other favorite thing!) Because I think this pretty sums up the whole trip for me:

 photo disney_zps1393d60d.jpg
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Only three weeks until Disney! Or, as Callum calls it, “Diz-din.” I've started telling him often, that soon (“Next month, this month, three weeks,” etc.) that we're going to Disney. “Callum and Momma, Grandma and Meghan are all getting on an airplane, way high up in the sky. Then when we land, we'll go to Disney! And there we'll see Spencer and Natasha, Aunt Chrissie, Uncle Timmy, Gavin and Mason, and Uncle Don and Jen. And then we'll see Micky and Minnie, and the castle, and Haunted Mansion, and Pirates. Also a great big ball, and tons of animals.”

When I mention Haunted Mansion, he does the scream. That's because I've been reciting the whole thing to him since he was about three months old. Cracks me up. It's so weird to me that he has no idea what I'm talking about. Like, no sense of the future, that this is a thing that has yet to happen. I wonder if he thinks I'm talking about the Disney Store, or maybe the Disney room at my Mom's.

I'd been fretting, a little, a few weeks ago, because he was only saying five or six words. Then, out of nowhere, in the space of about two days: five more words. And the next week, five more. And then more. All at once! So weird how that happens.

So of course, my biggest stress is boarding the dogs, and leaving my goldfish, The Doctor. I got an automatic feeder thing for him, and I tested it today, and it works. And I'll put his light on a timer, too. But what if something goes wrong, and he doesn't have food for six days? Or light? I don't know, I guess goldies are kind of hardy, but I'd be so upset if he went without food for that long. And, I always hate boarding the dogs. I haven't done it in so long. I know it's going to trigger Haku.

In other news, I started teaching Hula again. I've got a class of six kids, ages 5 to about 10. Okay, I've taught adults and I've taught tweens before, but this is a while different box of frogs. They actually are just like a box of frogs, one that I keep trying to keep the lid on, and they keep popping out. I'm worried, because there's going to come a Monday where my Mom will have to go to work for inventory, and I'll have to bring Callum with me. How the eff am I supposed to teach six frogs, and stop my toddler from getting into everything? I'm stressed just thinking about it. But, it's really fun to teach them. At the end of the first class, the youngest girl ran up and hugged me, saying, “Miss Jules, I love the Hula!” And they all wanted to learn Hawaiian words, too. Which is pretty good, I think.

As far as writing: That one really cool agent still has the manuscript. I even nudged her last week—or two weeks ago?--and haven't gotten a reply yet. She's replied to everyone else who's nudged her (with rejections. :( ) But she is telling people that she's focusing on SciFi now, which is what mine is. IDK, maybe she's getting invested in it, and taking her time? I don't know! My palms sweat every time I check my email.

I've also started another novel. I've actually written tons, tons, TONS of stuff since this one, but either I've kept them to myself, or they've been fanfics, or I've put them on the internet or on HitRECord, and none of them were ever meant for publication. This one is, though. I've only just started it. I might join NaNo this year, even though I'll miss the first few days.

It is cold, cold, cold here today, after a relatively warm Autumn so far. My room was 55 degrees and I put the heat on a little, just to take the edge off. I like the chill, though.

Although, I won't be complaining when I'm in Florida and it's 85 degrees, either, that's for sure. :D


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